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Lucky Dates to Move In A New House in 2024

Moving homes is more than just packing boxes. It's about starting a new chapter under the best possible stars. But what if the when of your move could be as crucial as the where? Enter the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui, guiding you to the most auspicious dates in 2024 for your big leap.
By · December 11, 2023
Lucky Dates to Move In A New House in 2024

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Mind that it's not just superstition; it's about aligning with the cosmic flow for a harmonious start. Thus, it is important to understand the concept of Feng Shui and establish the luckiest dates for relocating to guarantee that your new house is filled with good energy and pleasant vibes from the get-go.

According to the Chinese almanack calendar, the following dates in 2024 are favourable for property registration and moving into your new home.

In this guide, you'll uncover:

  • Monthly Breakdown: The auspicious days of each month for the best moving experience, including the clash zodiac sign and

  • Feng Shui Principles: Insights into good feng shui principles for your move to avoid bad luck

  • Practical Advice: How to plan your move according to these dates for maximum ease

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January Lucky Dates for Moving Houses

As January 2024 rolls in, the Chinese calendar welcomes the new lunar year. It's the perfect time for a fresh start, and moving before this date can symbolize wiping the slate clean for a new beginning.

But here's something even more intriguing: in January, the stars favour the northwestern and southern orientations.

Aim for the northwest corner if you plan enhancements in your new home, like setting up a money altar. It's about following tradition and channelling positive energy right where you need it.

Date Day of the Week Clash Zodiac Sign Evil Direction
5 January Friday Dog South
6 January Saturday Pig East
15 January Monday Monkey North
19 January Friday Rat North
21 January Sunday Tiger South
24 January Wednesday Snake West
30 January Tuesday Pig East
31 January Wednesday Rat North

February Lucky Dates for Moving Houses

February's calendar in 2024 is dotted with auspicious dates, perfect for transitioning into your new abode. Interestingly, this month, the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui leans towards Water Days over Fire Days.

It's all about finding balance. Aim to move during a yin hour if the day bursts with yang energy, creating a harmonious blend of energies.

When sprucing up your new place in February, steer clear of reds and earthy tones. Instead, opt for calming shades of grey, blue, or white, especially for your bedding and curtains. These colours aren't just pleasing to the eye; they're believed to bring tranquillity to your new space, at least for the short term.

Date Days of the Week Clash Zodiac Sign Evil Direction
2 February Friday Tiger South
9 February Friday Rooster West
13 February Tuesday Ox West
15 February Thursday Rabbit East
17 February Saturday Snake West
21 February Wednesday Rooster West
24 February Wednesday Rooster West

March Lucky Dates for Moving Houses

As we step into the second lunar month of 2024 this March, the Feng Shui flying stars are aligning in our favour, heralding a time of prosperity. This makes the lucky dates in March particularly ideal for moving into your new home.

Here's a tip: when you first walk into your new place, make sure to use the main entrance and leave through the same door. This isn't just about tradition; it's believed to bring good luck and keep the bad vibes at bay.

Date Days of the Week Clash Zodiac Sign Evil Direction
11 March Monday Dragon North
12 March Tuesday Snake West
20 March Wednesday Ox West
21 March Thursday Tiger South
23 March Saturday Dragon North
24 March Sunday Snake West
26 March Tuesday Goat East

April Lucky Dates for Moving Houses

April, a month synonymous with rebirth and blossoming, is a time of openings. The word itself speaks of new beginnings, making it an ideal period for embarking on life-changing ventures like moving into a new home.

Consider this your cue to align your big move with the natural awakening of April. It's not just a good time; it's a symbol of fresh starts and new growth, much like the flowers blooming around you.

Date Days of the Week Clash Zodiac Sign Evil Direction
1 April Monday Ox West
2 April Tuesday Tiger South
8 April Monday Monkey North
11 April Thursday Pig East
20 April Saturday Monkey North

May Lucky Dates for Moving Houses

May brings with it many reasons to celebrate, and rightly so. It's a month brimming with abundance, making it an ideal time to embark on your house-moving journey. The vibrant energy of May sets a perfect backdrop for new beginnings.

Once you've chosen a lucky day in May for your move, it's crucial to stick to it. Changing plans at the last minute isn't just a logistical hassle; it's said to disrupt the positive energy flow into your new home. So, unless absolutely necessary, keep to your chosen date to maintain the good fortune.

Date Days of the Week Clash Zodiac Sign Evil Direction
9 May Thursday Rabbit East
12 May Sunday Horse South
16 May Thursday Dog South
21 May Tuesday Rabbit East
24 May Friday Horse South
26 May Sunday Monkey North
30 May Thursday Rat North

June Lucky Dates for Moving Houses

June 2023 stands out as a month overflowing with lucky dates for moving house. It's like a buffet of good fortune where you can pick a date that resonates best with you and your family.

To tap into June's auspicious energy, factor in your family's Chinese zodiac sign and your new home's facing direction when picking a date. As long as these elements are in harmony, you're set for a move that's not just timely but also lucky.

Date Days of the Week Clash Zodiac Sign Evil Direction
1 June Saturday Tiger South
3 June Monday Dragon North
9 June Sunday Dog South
12 June Wednesday Ox West
13 June Thursday Tiger South
15 June Saturday Dragon North
16 June Sunday Snake West
24 June Monday Ox West
25 June Tuesday Tiger South
27 June Thursday Dragon North

July Lucky Dates for Moving Houses

July is sprinkled with auspicious dates, making it an excellent time for relocating. Each day carries its own energy, offering a unique opportunity to enhance the good vibes in your new home.

When settling in, prioritize spending time in rooms facing away from the so-called evil direction. This isn’t just Feng Shui talk; it's about inviting positivity and prosperity into your living space.

Pay attention to the direction your new home faces. Avoid moving into an east-facing home on Si, You, and Chou metal dates; west-facing on Hai, Mou, and Wei wood dates; and south-facing on Shen, Zi, and Chen water dates. It's all about aligning your move with the right elemental energy.

Date Days of the Week Clash Zodiac Sign Evil Direction
4 July Thursday Pig East
6 July Saturday Ox West
10 July Wednesday Snake West
13 July Saturday Monkey North
14 July Sunday Rooster West
19 July Friday Tiger South
26 July Friday Rooster West

August Lucky Dates for Moving Houses

August marks the end of summer in the northern hemisphere, and what better way to transition into a new season than by moving into a new home? Choosing an auspicious date this month can set the tone for a fresh start filled with positive energy.

If it's your first time moving into a new home, embrace the tradition of bringing in symbols of good fortune, wealth, and hospitality. These tokens are more than just decor; they're believed to appease the house spirits and pave the way for prosperity in your new abode.

Date Days of the Week Clash Zodiac Sign Evil Direction
6 August Tuesday Monkey North
7 August Wednesday Rooster West
8 August Thursday Dog South
11 August Sunday Ox West
12 August Monday Tiger South
20 August Tuesday Dog South
21 August Wednesday Pig East
26 August Monday Dragon North
28 August Wednesday Horse South
31 August Saturday Rooster West

September Lucky Dates for Moving Houses

September is a unique month, ushering in fall in the northern hemisphere and spring in the south. This dual transition brings a balanced equilibrium of energy, making it a favourable time for moving into your new home.

To enhance this equilibrium, introduce fire colours like reds, oranges, and yellows into your new home. These vibrant hues don't just add warmth and brightness; they're believed to strengthen the monthly asterism and complement the energy of the annual asterism.

Date Days of the Week Clash Zodiac Sign Evil Direction
1 September Sunday Dog South
2 September Monday Pig East
5 September Thursday Tiger South
10 September Tuesday Goat East
13 September Friday Dog South
17 September Tuesday Tiger South
22 September Sunday Goat East
25 September Wednesday Dog South

October Lucky Dates for Moving Houses

October's calendar is graced with dates that are particularly favourable for moving. This month brings with it a tradition steeped in meaning – the lighting of a candle on your first night in the new home.

Light a candle on that first night is more than just a flicker in the dark. It's a time-honoured ritual, believed to cast away shadows and protect your home. The candle's glow symbolizes the dispelling of evil, sorrow, and grief, embracing your new space with warmth and safeguarding its inhabitants.

Date Days of the Week Clash Zodiac Sign Evil Direction
2 October Wednesday Snake West
7 October Monday Dog South
9 October Wednesday Rat North
13 October Sunday Dragon North
14 October Monday Snake West
21 October Monday Rat North
23 October Wednesday Tiger South
25 October Friday Dragon North

November Lucky Dates for Moving Houses

November 2024 is ripe with auspicious dates for moving, each one an opportunity to realign and rejuvenate your living space. In the world of Feng Shui, there's truly no bad time to relocate, but some times are indeed more favourable than others.

Use this month to refresh and revitalize your home's energy. Feng Shui isn't just about aesthetics. It's about fostering an environment where Qi, the vital life force, flows unimpeded, bringing balance and harmony. Selecting the auspicious date in November for a move can set the stage for this positive energy flow.

Date Days of the Week Clash Zodiac Sign Evil Direction
2 November Saturday Rat North
3 November Sunday Ox West
5 November Tuesday Rabbit East
8 November Friday Horse South
10 November Sunday Monkey North
11 November Monday Rooster West
14 November Thursday Rat North
20 November Wednesday Horse South
22 November Friday Monkey North
23 November Saturday Rooster West
26 November Tuesday Rat North

December Lucky Dates for Moving Houses

December 2024 presents a limited selection of auspicious moving dates, but don't let that dim your holiday cheer. It's a time to focus on harmony, particularly among family members, as conflicts during the move are believed to bring disharmony and negative energy into your new home.

Date Days of the Week Clash Zodiac Sign Evil Direction
2 December Monday Horse South
4 December Wednesday Monkey North
5 December Thursday Rooster West
7 December Saturday Pig East
15 December Sunday Goat East
30 December Monday Dog South

Feng Shui and Moving Principles for Creating Harmony in Your New Home in 2024

Relocating to a new home in 2024 offers a unique opportunity to harness the ancient art of Feng Shui. This practice is not just about aesthetics; it's about creating an environment where energy flows freely, promoting harmony and balance. Let's dive into some key principles:

  • Declutter for Serenity: Before you pack, declutter. Studies, including one referenced by Stanford's BeWell platform, highlight the stress and anxiety caused by clutter. An organized space not only looks good but also improves focus and mood.

  • Cleanse Your Space: A clean home is a happy home. Perform a thorough cleansing of your new house to dispel past energies. Consider traditional methods like smudging for an extra layer of purification.

  • Yin and Yang Balance: Aim for a décor that balances yin (calm) and yang (energetic) elements. Mix soft and vibrant colours, and play with light and dark shades to achieve this balance.

  • Utilize the Bagua Map: This Feng Shui tool helps you understand how different areas of your home correspond to aspects of your life. Align your home's layout with the Bagua to enhance areas like wealth, love, or career.

  • Front Door Focus: Your front door is the gateway for energy. Ensure it's well-maintained, welcoming, and aligned with the Bagua for optimal energy flow.

  • Strategic Furniture Placement: Arrange furniture to allow energy to circulate freely. Avoid blocking pathways and ensure a clear route for energy throughout your home.

  • Incorporate Natural Elements: Elements like plants or water features can vitalize your space. They bring in nature's balance and energy.

  • Optimize Lighting: Bright, well-lit spaces invite positive energy. Ensure your home is illuminated with both natural and artificial light for an uplifting atmosphere.

  • Symbolic Decorations: Use Feng Shui symbols and cures, such as mirrors or crystals, to enhance positive energy in your home.

  • Personal Comfort: Lastly, listen to your instincts. Your comfort in the space is a crucial part of its energy.

These Feng Shui principles create a visually appealing space and promote a sense of well-being.

Align Your Move with the Stars – Let Wise Move Guide You

As we wrap up this guide on the auspicious dates to move in 2024, according to Feng Shui, you're now armed with the knowledge to make your transition both timely and harmonious. So, your takeaways:

  • Choose dates that align with positive Feng Shui energies

  • Follow traditional practices like candle lighting to ward off negativity

  • Incorporate Feng Shui principles for a harmonious living space.

Moving to a new home is an adventure, a new chapter. With Feng Shui, you're setting the stage for a harmonious, prosperous life in your new home. And when it's time to make that move, Wise Move ensures your journey aligns with the stars.

Our platform connects you with the best movers in Singapore, making your transition as auspicious as the dates you've chosen. With Wise Move, you're not just moving houses; you're moving forward in life in tune with the universe's rhythm.


What is the best day to move to a new house?

The best day varies based on Feng Shui principles. It depends on the alignment of specific dates with your personal Feng Shui elements.

What are the best days of the week to move to a new house?

The best time is when it aligns with auspicious dates according to Feng Shui, considering factors like your zodiac sign and house orientation.

Which day is good for moving?

Good days for moving are the ones that are considered lucky according to the Feng Shui calendar.

What is the lucky month to move in 2024?

The luckiest month can vary; consulting the Feng Shui calendar for 2024 will provide specific auspicious months.

Is it appropriate to relocate during the seventh lunar month?

Traditionally, in some cultures, the Seventh Lunar Month is considered inauspicious for major life events like moving. However, this can depend on individual beliefs and cultural practices.

Need movers and packers for your next home move?

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