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How To Prepare Your Fridge or Freezer For Your Move

How To Prepare Your Fridge or Freezer For Your Move

Are you in the process of moving to a new place? There's no doubt that when it comes to packing, the kitchen can pose its own unique challenges. Not only do you have fragile items like chinawares and glasses to move, but you also have big and bulky appliances such as the fridge or freezer.

A fridge or freezer is over 300 pounds and is one of the heaviest appliances in your home, moving them can be a daunting task. It may be better to leave this job to professional movers in Singapore, however, if that’s not an option, you can follow this step by step process on how to prepare and secure your fridge for moving. 

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Clean and empty the fridge

Prior to the move, make sure your fridge is free of food or anything that could challenge your move. Both you can find inside and outside should be removed. Plan your move ahead and make a meal plan with all your perishables. Doing this will lessen the items you have inside. Once your fridge or freezer is completely empty, wipe down all the cooler surfaces with warm water and dishwashing soap. Don’t forget to take out all the components that could move inside the fridge such as glass shelves, organizers, and lids.


Once the freezer unit is empty, it’s time to defrost it. Unplug the appliance and place towels on the floor to soak up the water from the melting ice. After that, wipe down all surfaces with a disinfectant product thoroughly and allow it to dry. Leave the doors open to air dry for at least 24 hours so it will completely thaw inside.

Pack your fridge carefully

To ensure everything stays in place during transit, secure the power cords in place with packing tape to the back of the fridge to prevent tripping on it during the move. From there, snugly shut and tape all doors using packing tape or moving straps. To finish the job, use professional packing like bubble wrap or moving blankets to protect the exterior against scratches and other superficial damage. 

Getting your fridge ready for transport

Once the fridge or freezer is ready, it is now time to move them in the moving truck. It is best to have at least two helpers or hire Singapore movers to make the process easier and faster. With assistance, slide the refrigerator away from the wall and carefully slide the dolly underneath the fridge, sometimes you need to tilt the fridge slightly. When you’ve got it right, use bungee straps or moving straps to secure the fridge to the dolly. 

To place your fridge into the moving truck, use or set up a moving ramp or have someone, like you Singapore movers, help you do it. Once on the truck, you should make sure that your fridge stands upright to prevent any internal damage to the fridge.

Moving the fridge to its new home

Finally, your fridge has been safely moved to its new destination. Wait for at least two to three hours before plugging the fridge back in so the oil in the compressor can settle – ensuring that your appliance isn’t damaged. 

Although moving a fridge and freezer is a little more complicated than most other household belongings, we hope that we have eased your move with these quick and simple steps. If you want to be extra careful, it's better to hire trusted movers in Singapore to help you throughout your move. Submit a delivery request on Wise Move and let our movers Singapore do the job for you. Here, you can get different quotes from Singapore's best moving companies in just one enquiry. Receive multiple quotes and choose the one you like the most. Get to know your prospect moving company before accepting their quote by messaging them, still through Wise Move.

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