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Cheap Movers Singapore Review and Some Moving Reminders to Note

Cheap Movers Singapore Review and Some Moving Reminders to Note

Movers and packers Singapore at low-cost

(Faster. Stronger. Better.) Expert moving service in Singapore at a low-cost. All Covered. No Hassle.
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What are you moving?

It is so easy to look for movers with a few clicks and browsing throughout the Internet. However, how do you guarantee the trustworthiness of these companies? How can you be sure that you can entrust them with your belongings? Of course, no one wants to experience a move that’s stressful and inconvenient, especially when some items are lost during transport. 

You may be worried about the prices and other fees that may come during the move or possibly just opt to do everything on your own. Don’t fret! We have prepared a reliable cheap movers Singapore review for you to read and help you choose the best movers for your moving needs.

When you look at it, moving may seem like an easy thing to handle - just identifying the things needed to be transferred and putting them in boxes for delivery. However, those are not just the things that need to be considered. You have to account for the furniture and the appliances that you’ll still be using in your new home or new workplace. On top of that, is also deciding the method of transportation you’ll rely on to get all your stuff moved to the place. That seems a lot to consider, right? As much as possible, we want the entire process to go smoothly and this is only possible if we prepare things ahead of time.

Cheap Movers Singapore Review

If you’re looking into availing of the moving services directly from a moving company, all of the matters concerning the move will be taken care of by them. That means from the packing to the unloading of the items to the new place are all handled by their crew. So, if you’re someone with a usual hectic schedule daily, hiring moving companies would be a great choice if you want to make the moving experience an enjoyable and trouble-free one.

In this article, we reviewed eight of the cheapest house movers in Singapore. Read on to know more.

Exped Movers

Aside from being one of the trusted moving companies in Singapore, they also offer excellent storage for your belongings and are known for their clothing racks which you can use for your newly-ironed clothes as you place them inside the boxes. This lessens your burden of having to fold them carefully just to fit them inside. Therefore, this initiative is a bonus feature of the company in providing the best services for their clients!

Additionally, Exped also offers alternative ways for every aspect of your move, specifically in transporting, disposing, and storing your needs. Although there are additional fees for the packing services, they are priced just within your budget. Exped is a good choice for budget-friendly moving services for whatever purposes you will need them.

Cheap Movers

It’s already in the name, they offer price quotes of S$158 net if you are to entirely occupy a 10ft lorry. This is applicable when you want to fit all the things inside a single bedroom. If the space isn’t enough there’s a 15ft truck that you can rent for S$258 which is the cheapest among the other companies nearby. What’s even better is that shrink wrap is given to help fit large and bulky things for free. An additional fee of S$30 for 10 pieces of cardboard boxes in cases you need more.

Kaplan Logistics

Kaplan has already been going steady in the moving industry since 2007. Their experiences have solidified their place as one of the most excellent and affordable moving companies in Singapore. The wide array of services ranges from home, industrial and workplace relocations as well as services that involve discarding items and safekeeping your belongings in a storeroom.

Currently, Kaplan is expanding outside the borders of Singapore in order to deliver the best moving services to more clients abroad. Since the company has proven its calibre in all aspects of relocation services, it is highly guaranteed that the moving process will be in great hands. Their trained staff, advanced moving equipment, and knowledge will make the entire moving experience one of a kind.

Cube Movers

Their services are availed for S$180 which already includes a small group of trained movers along with a 15ft lorry but given the items only occupied half of the storage. If you prefer a full occupation, you’ll have to pay S$288. A good advantage is their S$1 million insurance coverage which is essential as compensation for unexpected moving emergencies along the process. If you’re a customer, you’re bound to receive free 30 cardboards and can participate in many raffles that have cash prizes as rewards.

SG Moving Service

With a decade of experience, SG is a competent relocation service provider that offers a wide variety of transportation and moving services that are ready to accommodate you for straight a week. Aside from all kinds of moving, they also provide handling, dumping, and storing services. They even are catering to setting up the event area where the items are delivered which is very helpful for days when you need to arrange a party.

Speed Winz

A local relocation service provider that’s also already reached a decade in giving the best moving services to different workplaces, schools, food stores, manufacturing companies as well as hospitals! They usually give out promos from time to time and offer packing services, especially for bulky items like pieces of furniture to ensure they are delivered safely. One benefit that you would really like is their endless cardboard supply for easier packing and organizing time. You can also rely on them for discarding unnecessary objects which are usually charged at a starting price of S$55.

Tip Top

With their initial price of S$158, it’s like you’ve already hit the jackpot because it encloses the hiring of a team of professional movers, wrapping services, and packing materials like cardboard. They also provide storage services for a starting cost of S$150.


Just because most of the moving companies in this list are known to be the most credible and reliable ones in the moving industry, doesn’t mean you have to be lenient in your transaction with them. You still have to carry out the responsibility of demanding transparency in whichever company you approach. You are entitled to demand they release all the services and fees that are enclosed in the quotation they’ve provided.

It is also your prerogative to specify all items that you wanted to move so they can get you an accurate estimate of the quote. Ask them about the possible charges and fees that they might impose, let’s say, for packing and hoisting services, so that you can prepare yourself for any additional payments to make outside of the agreed quotation. However, be wary if the company takes advantage of these surcharges.

Movers and packers Singapore at low-cost

(Faster. Stronger. Better.) Expert moving service in Singapore at a low-cost. All Covered. No Hassle.
9.6 · 293 reviews
What are you moving?

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