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Farewell gifts and Souvenirs for Someone Moving Away

By · August 22, 2023
Farewell gifts and Souvenirs for Someone Moving Away

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Whether your work bestie is moving onto a new job, or your best friend is moving to a whole other city, parting ways with loved ones comes with mixed feelings. Before the big day comes, you will want to give them a heartfelt gift to wish them the best for their next adventure and help them ease into the transition.

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Farewell gifts for colleagues

When a colleague announces their departure, it is a bittersweet moment. After all, you may have already established a good working relationship with them, and they have been supporting and motivating you during difficult work moments. While you may feel sad about their leaving, it is also an opportunity to show your support and appreciation for being part of your work support system. Here are some thoughtful gifts you can consider getting for your work bestie:

1. Personalised Stationery

A set of personalised stationery is a classic and practical gift that your colleague can use in their new job. It not only adds a personal touch to their workspace, but also shows that you acknowledge and support their professional growth. Some examples include name card holders, pens, lanyards or a desk organiser.

2. Travel Essentials

If your colleague is moving to a new city or planning to travel more often, consider gifting them travel essentials such as a stylish passport holder, luggage tags, or a travel-sized toiletry kit. These items will come in handy during their adventures and serve as a reminder of the memories shared with you and your co-workers.

3. Career-Related Books

If your colleague is embarking on a new career path, consider giving them books related to their field of interest. Whether it is industry-specific knowledge or inspirational stories from successful professionals, these books can provide valuable insights and motivate them in their new endeavours.

4. Subscription Services

A subscription service tailored to your colleague's interests can be an excellent farewell gift. Whether it is a monthly book club membership, streaming service subscription, or even cooking classes delivered online – such gifts offer ongoing enjoyment and relaxation during moments of transition.

5. Personalised Keepsake

Create something unique and meaningful by personalising an item that represents the bond you share with your colleague. It could be a framed photo of your team or a custom-made piece of jewellery engraved with their initials. This heartfelt gesture will serve as a memory of the connections formed during the time you have worked together.

6. Tech Accessories

Consider practical tech accessories like a stylish laptop sleeve, wireless charging pad, or noise-cancelling headphones. These items are a necessity in any workplace, and comes in handy for productive work.

7. Group Gifts

Pooling resources with colleagues to purchase a group gift can lead to a more substantial and meaningful present. This could include a larger gift card to a fancy restaurant they have always wanted to try, or an indulgent full-body massage to soothe those aching muscles.

8. Farewell Lunch or Gathering

Organise a farewell lunch or gathering to celebrate their journey and accomplishments. Sharing a meal or spending time together in a relaxed setting allows everyone to express their well wishes and build stronger bonds long after their departure.

Farewell Gifts for Friends 

Bidding farewell to our close friends and loved ones can bring about a whirlwind of emotions. Finding the perfect gift is a great way to express your love and well wishes, while allowing them to carry a piece of your friendship with them wherever they go. Here are some going-away gifts you should consider for them, especially if they are moving overseas for an indefinite amount of time:

1. Plush Blankets

Do not underestimate this seemingly underrated gift! A big fluffy blanket makes for one of the best cosy farewell gifts to accompany your friends during their homesick moments in a foreign land.

2. Customised Scented Candles

Add a personal touch to their farewell gift by gifting them customised scented candles with funny quotes. These not only make their space smell amazing but also create a relaxing ambience during rainy days and lonely nights.

3. Photo Album

Capture the memories of your friendship in a photo album or a photo frame. Fill it with pictures of fun times together, and leave blank spaces for new memories they will make in their new journey.

4. Clothing Storage Organisers

This falls into one of those gifts that you would never think of, but in fact comes in real handy when your friends are packing or settling into their new place. Get them with clear plastic covers and label pockets for easier categorisation of clothes during the move.

5. Personalised Tumblers

Get them a personalised stylish tumbler engraved with their names. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it keeps their hot and cold drinks insulated for hours, whether they are enjoying a morning coffee or hydrating on the go.

6. Personalised Spotify Playlist

Create a personalised Spotify playlist filled with songs that remind you of your friendship, and concerts that you have attended together. It is a low-cost heartfelt gift that they can listen to at any time whenever they feel homesick.

7. Local Specialties such as Souvenirs from Singapore

If your friend is moving from Singapore to another country, consider giving them local specialities as a reminder of home. Some highly requested souvenirs from Singapore include panda chiffon cakes, bak-kwa (sweet smoky pork jerky), Milo (chocolate-flavoured malted powder drink) and jars of local sauces and spices. Wrap them in a care package filled with their favourite snacks and other self-care items for them to have a slice of home while overseas.

8. Travel Gadgets

Get them nifty travel gadgets such as a small universal adapter or a portable battery pack. Even better, get them a portable hard drive to back up their important files from their laptop in case of theft or damage.

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Frequently Answered Questions

What is the best gift for a colleague's farewell?

Consider something that reflects their personality and your time working together. Add a personal touch with a farewell card and best wishes from everyone is a great way to wrap up their experience in the company.

Should you get a coworker a goodbye gift?

Yes. Farewells are moments to celebrate the camaraderie you have shared. A thoughtful goodbye gift shows your appreciation and leaves a positive lasting impression.

What should I gift a friend who is leaving?

No one knows your friend as well as you do! The sentiment behind the gift is crucial, and regardless of the specific present you intend to give your friend, it must be heartfelt.

What to gift a female friend on farewell?

Common farewell gifts for female friends can range from elegant jewellery to skincare sets, or a pampering manicure session.

What is a good gift for a departing coworker?

Opt for a gift that blends practicality with thoughtfulness such as a personalised desk accessory, a stylish tote bag, or a gift card to a local café.

What is Singapore famous for in terms of gifts?

Singapore is renowned for its diverse cultural heritage and vibrant shopping scene. You can find unique gifts like traditional batik fabrics, intricate Peranakan jewellery, or delectable local food products that reflect the city's rich culture.

What to bring from Singapore for friends?

Sharing a piece of Singapore with your friends is a wonderful idea. Consider bringing back items like batik-printed souvenirs, aromatic spices, Singaporean snacks, or a piece of local art to give them a taste of the city's charm.

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