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Mattress Disposal in Singapore

Mattress Disposal in Singapore

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It's not easy to decide whether it's time to upgrade from your current mattress, but eventually, every owner realizes that they need something better. Some Singaporeans look for a new mattress since their comfort has been affected by age, weight gain or loss, or the after-effects of an accident or injury.

But how exactly do you plan on discarding your old mattress? There are better and more sustainable alternatives to mattresses than throwing yours away, even though many of them do end up in landfills. Is it a hassle? Sure, you could argue that, but they're much more efficient.

A smooth transition from your old mattress to your new one can be achieved with some forethought and planning before you visit your local mattress store. Because of this, you may relax knowing that your old bed isn't taking up valuable floor space.

Mattress Disposal Singapore

In Singapore, there are many ways to discard your mattress. Reusing, donating, or simply tossing a used mattress are all viable options. Consider the mattress's condition, its dimensions, and the nearby recycling and donation centres when deciding which option is best for you.

This guide explains how to properly dispose of a mattress, including the various options available to you and the steps you should take to carry out your preferred approach.

Mattress Donation Singapore

Donate the mattress to a charity if it is still in good condition. When considering mattress donation Singapore, make sure there are no visible signs of water damage, stains, bedbugs, or mould on the mattress.

If you're planning on donating an old mattress, you might want to call beforehand to see if the charity will accept it. Charity organizations like The Salvation Army accept gently used mattresses and frequently provide free pickup or drop-off services.

Mattress Reselling in Singapore

It's possible to resell a used mattress if it's in good condition. Moreover, if you're seeking to make a quick profit off of your mattress's resale in Singapore or if you just want the simplest way to get it taken away for no cost at all, online markets are a great resource to have at your disposal.

Try using Craigslist when reselling your mattress. The site is an excellent way to advertise your mattress for sale in Singapore because it is free. Through the site, potential buyers can get in touch with you immediately, streamlining the buying and selling process.

Mattress Removal Services in Singapore

If you don't have access to a thrift store or recycling facility, or if you just don't feel like driving to one, you can see if your local waste management business offers mattress collection by calling them directly. If so, they might need a service request, and your mattress would have to be taken out on a different day than the usual garbage collection day.

If not, hiring a mattress disposal service can be your best option. It's a good idea to look into the various mattress removal services in your area and see how much they'll charge you before settling on a certain company. Compare each company's mattress disposal Singapore cost. The majority of these service providers will charge you based on the weight of your items, while others will just charge you based on the volume of your items, so keep that in mind.

Bed Disposal Singapore

Concerned about the impact of discarding your old bed on the environment? We've got you covered. Today, we'll go through several alternatives to throwing away your bed frame in a landfill.

Donate Your Bed

A bed frame might be a major eyesore once you're ready to let go of it, but there are some measures you should take to ensure it ends up in a good place. Most of the time, you can donate your gently refurbished bed frame to a local shelter. As an alternative, you can donate your unused items to a cause near and dear to your heart by contacting Singapore Freecycle. It would be helpful if you included any screws or nuts that might be required in addition to the donation.

You can recycle or otherwise dispose of the bedding and box springs separately from the bed frame after you've got a new place for them. With a little effort, you can give your old bed frame new life and relaxation to someone who needs it.

Reduce, Reuse, and Reassemble

The process of dismantling a bed frame may appear complicated at first, but it's fairly straightforward. Bed frames aren't the most intricate pieces of furniture, so it's not hard to disassemble one and utilize its parts for other furniture or even other do-it-yourself projects.

Hire a Junk Removal Service Provider

The use of a junk removal service is recommended if you would rather have someone else perform the heavy lifting. You can have your old mattress taken away at the same time. There will be a price, and you should verify with the junk removal service what they intend to accomplish with your old bed. This is why it is best to first research the bed frame and mattress disposal Singapore cost to compare prices.

You don't want them going to a landfill, so if that's what the company does, you shouldn't hire them. Many junk removal services, on the other hand, will take apart the bed frame and sell the parts to shops or recycling facilities.

Mattress Recycling Singapore

Your old mattress doesn't have to end up in a dump if you choose to recycle it instead. That way, you can give your old mattress a second life. Find a local recycling centre that will take your old mattress if you want to handle it yourself, or hire a mattress disposal service that recycles or donates old mattresses rather than sending them to the landfill.

It's also possible to improvise creative applications for your old mattress. Here are a few examples of how an old mattress can be disassembled and the components recycled for new uses.

Recycling the Parts

You can recycle the metal springs and other metal components from your old mattress by taking them to a scrap yard. Fabrics included in mattresses can be recycled, so long as they are made of polyester, rayon, silk, cotton, or wool.

Home Projects

Several household items can benefit from your old mattress's cotton and foam filling. They are versatile and can be repurposed in several ways after being shredded, including as pet bedding, filters, seat cushions, insulation, pillows, carpet padding, and much more.


The mattress's wooden components can be dismantled and put to good use in the garden. Shredded, the wood makes excellent mulch for gardens. Furthermore, the wooden planks can serve as the basis for a compost bin.

Mattress Disposal Singapore FAQs

Need to know where to take your old mattress? Do your research beforehand to avoid costly charges for improperly discarding your bed. As a result, we've compiled answers to several mattress disposal FAQs commonly asked in Singapore.

How Do I Dispose of a Mattress in Singapore?

There are many options for disposing of an old mattress in Singapore. You can bring it to a facility like a landfill, but first put it in a mattress bag and make sure it's completely sealed. For reasons of public health, this is generally mandated by legislation to avoid the spread of bed bugs. If you plan on selling or donating your mattress, check it thoroughly for any obvious damage such as holes, tears, mold, stains, burns, and the like before you do so.

If you're unable to sell or donate the mattress, consider giving it a second life through recycling or reusing it in some other way. And last, you can always hire a professional waste removal company to do the work for you.

How Do I Dispose of a Queen-Size Mattress in Singapore?

Queen-sized mattresses are bulky, so if you live in public housing and want to get rid of yours, your best bet is to get in touch with your town council. All HDB residents can take advantage of their monthly free bulky item removal service. Each month, they will be limited to a certain number of transactions.

That works out to three free items every month for the Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council. For an extra $5 per item, certain city councils may also take your sofa or other large furniture together with your queen-sized bed (AMKTC).

How Do I Dispose of a Mattress Condo in Singapore?

Condominium and landed property residents can inquire with their building's management about disposal options or look online for a list of garbage collector contacts to find someone to remove their old mattress from the premises for a fee. The standard charge to dispose of a mattress in a condo is between $50 and $100.

Do Local Councils Collect Old Mattresses?

The old mattress can be removed at any time by contacting your local council. A lot of them will pick up your large trash items for you. Beds and mattresses are commonly included. It is the responsibility of the local council to provide free disposal services to HDB residents.

Disposal services in Singapore at low-cost

(Faster. Stronger. Better.) Disposal services in Singapore. All Covered. No Hassle.
9.6 · 245 reviews
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