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How to Sell On Carousell

How to Sell On Carousell

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Carousell is a consumer marketplace that allows anyone to start selling their products to a wide audience. Whether you are looking to declutter your home, start a side business, or simply make some extra cash, Carousell provides a convenient way to reach potential buyers. In this guide, we will provide an overview of how to sell on Carousell, including setting up your account, creating listings, communicating with buyers, and receiving payment. Here is how you can start selling on Carousell.

Getting Started on Carousell

Sign Up For An Account

To start selling on Carousell, you will need to sign up for an account. You can create an account using your Facebook or Google account, or by providing your email address and a password. You will also need to provide your phone number during registration for security purposes. Once you have signed up, you will be prompted to complete your profile, including your name, profile picture, and contact information.

Create a Listing

To create a listing on Carousell, click the "Sell" button in the app and select the category that best matches your item. You will need to provide a title, description, and price for your item, as well as upload photos. It is important to provide clear and detailed information about your item to attract potential buyers.

Communicate With Buyers

How to Sell On Carousell

When a buyer expresses interest in your item, you will receive a notification from Carousell. You can then communicate with the buyer using Carousell's in-app chat feature to discuss payment and shipping details. It is important to be responsive and friendly when communicating with buyers to ensure a smooth transaction.

Receive Payment

Once you have agreed on a price and shipping method with the buyer, you can choose to receive payment through Caroupay or arrange for payment directly with the buyer. If you choose to use Caroupay, the buyer will make payment through the app and Carousell will deduct a 10% commission fee before transferring the funds to your bank account. If you choose to arrange payment directly with the buyer, you will need to provide your payment details and ensure payment is received before shipping the item.

Ship The Item

Once payment has been received, you will need to ship the item to the buyer. You can choose to use a shipping service provided by Carousell or arrange for your own shipping method. Be sure to provide the buyer with a tracking number and keep them updated on the shipping status.

Receive Feedback

After the transaction is complete, both you and the buyer can leave feedback on each other's profiles. Positive feedback can help increase your visibility on the platform and attract more potential buyers.

Selling on Carousell can be a great way to make some extra cash or start a small business. By following these steps and providing clear and detailed information about your items, you can attract potential buyers and ensure a successful transaction.

Optimizing Your Listings

There are a few strategies that you can adopt to optimize your listings such that buyers will be more likely to purchase items off your listing.

Use High-Quality Photos

Having eye-catching photos that accurately showcase your products. This can help your listings stand out and make them more appealing to potential buyers.

Describe Your Items in Detail

How to Sell On Carousell

When creating a listing, you should provide detailed and accurate descriptions of your products, including their condition, size, colour, and any other relevant information. This can help potential buyers make informed decisions and reduce the likelihood of returns or negative feedback.

Competitive Pricing

When listing new products, research similar products on Carousell and price your items competitively. Consider offering promotions or bundle discounts to incentivize buyers to purchase from you, especially if the items that you are selling are extremely similar to your competition.

Use The Right Keywords

Using the right keywords may be overlooked by most new sellers, but it may actually be one of the most important factors that determine whether you would be able to reach your target audience. Ensure that you are using relevant keywords in your listings' titles and descriptions to help them appear in search results. Consider using keywords that accurately describe your products, such as brand names, sizes, and colours.

Respond Quickly and in a Professional Manner

How to Sell On Carousell

Respond promptly to inquiries and be professional in your communications with potential buyers. This can help build trust and credibility, which can lead to more sales and positive feedback.

Reaching a Wider Audience With Carousell Paid Options

If you want more people to see your listing to improve sales, Carousell offers various paid features and services to help your posts reach a wider audience on their platform. Here are some of the paid features that you can consider to boost your sales on Carousell.


Bump is a paid feature that allows you to move your listings to the top of the search results for a certain period. This increases the visibility of your listings, which may result in more views, inquiries, and sales. However, bumping your listings too frequently can make them appear spammy and turn potential buyers off. Consider bumping your listings at specific times, such as when your target audience is most active on the platform or when you have recently added new items to your inventory.


Spotlight is another paid feature on Carousell that can help improve your sales by increasing the visibility of your listings. When you use Spotlight, your listings will be featured on the Carousell homepage and category pages, which can expose your listings to a larger audience and increase the likelihood of them being seen by potential buyers.

How Wise Move Can Help Move Items Sold on Carousell

How to Sell On Carousell

Find A Quote

Once you have sold or bought an item on Carousell, you will need to arrange for its transportation to its destination. This is where Wisemove.sg can come in handy. You can simply post a job on Wisemove.sg with details about the item's dimensions, pickup and delivery locations, and preferred dates for delivery. Moving companies and carriers who are already travelling along that route will then be able to send you quotes for your job.

Compare Quotes

Once you have received multiple quotes from different moving companies and carriers, you can compare them to find the best one for your needs. Wisemove.sg allows you to view details about each provider, such as their ratings, reviews, and experience. You can also view the price and expected delivery time for each quote.

Accept The Quote And Arrange For Collection And Delivery

After you have found a suitable quote, you can accept it and arrange for the pickup of your item. The moving company or carrier will then take care of transporting your item to its destination. You can track your shipment in real time through the Wisemove.sg platform and communicate with the service provider directly if needed.

Using Wisemove.sg can be a convenient and cost-effective way to transport items sold or bought on Carousell. By connecting with available service providers who are already travelling in the same direction, you can save on transportation costs and reduce the environmental impact of your shipment.


Is It Free To Sell On Carousell?

Yes, it is free to sell on Carousell.

How Do Sellers Get Paid On Carousell?

Sellers can receive payment through Carousell's integrated payment system, Caroupay, or they can arrange for payment directly with the buyer.

How Much Commission Does Carousell Take?

Carousell takes a 10% commission fee for all transactions completed through Caroupay. If the seller chooses to arrange for payment directly with the buyer, there is no commission fee.

What Is The Downside Of Carousell?

One downside of Carousell is that it can be difficult to differentiate between legitimate buyers and scammers. Additionally, as there is no guarantee of the quality of the items being sold, buyers may be hesitant to purchase from unknown sellers.

What Happens After I Accept An Offer On Carousell?

After accepting an offer on Carousell, both the buyer and seller should communicate to arrange payment and shipping details. If payment is made through Caroupay, the seller will receive payment (minus the commission fee) directly into their bank account.

Can I Withdraw Money From Carousell?

Yes, sellers can withdraw their earnings from Carousell through their connected bank account.

What Is The Difference Between Shopee And Carousell?

Shopee and Carousell are both e-commerce platforms in Singapore, but Shopee has a stronger focus on brand new products while Carousell is more focused on second-hand items and individual sellers.

What Items Are Most Profitable On Carousell?

The most profitable items on Carousell can vary, but popular categories include electronics, fashion, and beauty products.

What Is The Alternative To Carousell In Singapore?

Other e-commerce platforms in Singapore include Shopee, Lazada, and Qoo10. However, some of these e-commerce platforms will require new users to register their businesses before they can start selling, which creates a higher barrier to entry for beginners.

How Can I Promote My Carousell For Free?

Sellers can promote their Carousell listings for free by sharing them on social media platforms, joining Carousell interest groups, and optimizing their product listings with clear photos and descriptions.

How Do I Attract Buyers On Carousell?

To attract buyers on Carousell, sellers should optimize their listings with clear photos, detailed descriptions, and competitive pricing. They can also promote their listings through social media and other marketing channels.

Do you need to ship your items sold on Carousell?

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