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Building our hopes for a greener tomorrow with our annual 1% for the Planet

Wise Move is a proud member of the global 1% for the Planet movement, committing to donate at least 1% of our annual earnings to environmental causes we care about. Here’s why we do this–because we want to champion a greener way of moving for a better tomorrow.
By · March 18, 2024
Building our hopes for a greener tomorrow with our annual 1% for the Planet

What is 1% for the Planet?

Every business has a responsibility to give back to the planet and make it a better place for the next generation. After all, every business profits from the resources they take from the environment.

1% for the Planet is a non-profit organization headquartered in the United States. The organization spearheads a global movement of the same name, which enable and inspires businesses to act on this very responsibility to give back to the planet.

As part of the movement, businesses can easily make good on their commitment to give back to the environment, by donating 1% of their annual sales to environmental causes.

1% for the Planet facilitates this by drawing together more than 6700 environmental grassroots organizations from 110 different countries, and matching businesses with the causes that align with their values.

Each of these organizations strive to make the world a better place, in areas like urban infrastructure, gender equality, supply chain sustainability, conservation policy, environmental education, and climate justice. Business owners can choose causes close to their heart to help and direct directly to.

Currently, more than USD$585 million in certified donations have been made to the multitude of environmental causes onboard the movement–and every cent makes a difference and amplifies impact.

How does being part of the 1% of the Planet movement help the environment?

We all need that push to turn our hopes into reality.

1% for the Planet is exactly that, helping organizations make good on their desire to make a positive change to the environment for this generation and the next.

Businesses pay a small membership fee to 1% for the Planet, to hop on board the movement and commit to donating at least 1% of their annual earnings to causes they care about.

Membership also comes with thoughtful partnership advice from the 1% for the Planet team, to connect businesses with organizations that align with their values.

All donations made to the causes as part of the movement are carefully certified with receipts and documentation, which sets the businesses apart as leaders in environmental responsibility and sustainability.

How is Wise Move involved?

Wise Move is committed to giving back to the environment and protecting the planet for our children, by creating a greener way of moving through our platform.

1% for the Planet is one way we do so proactively.

We’ve been donating at least 1% of our yearly revenue to 1% for the Planet since 2020, to causes we care deeply about, in areas of food security, biodiversity, and climate change.

And we fully intend to continue to do so, to make good on our promise of creating a greener tomorrow, standing at the forefront of protecting the environment we all live in and benefit so greatly from.

Right now, our removal drivers already maximize their loads while minimizing their journey time and vehicle emissions. Additionally, many of our movers take on moving work through our platform as backloads–which means completing deliveries on planned return journeys to reduce carbon output.

What Singapore causes are benefitting from 1% For The Planet?

There are currently three Singapore-based environmental causes that are partners of the movement. From improving toilet sanitation, to conserving Singapore’s local flora and fauna, to eliminating food insecurity in Singapore, your donations can make a difference.

World Toilet Organization

Making toilets clean, safe, and accessible will go a long way in improving health, education, and standards of living for many people around the world. The World Toilet Organization is committed to advocate for sustainable sanitation solutions all across the globe.

WWF Singapore

WWF is a global organisation that aims to reduce the destruction of the planet, to help create a future in which we live harmoniously with our environment. WWF Singapore tackles priority issues in the region, including illegal wildlife trade, deforestation, climate change, marine conservation, and sustainable production and consumption.

The Food Bank Singapore

Food Bank Singapore is a program that collects food donations from farms, stores, manufacturers, restaurants, and other sources, and re-distributes them to those who need it. At its heart is the underlying mission to end food insecurity in Singapore and reduce food waste at the same time.

How can I do my part for a greener tomorrow?

Inspired by our passion to build a greener way to move and want to do something?

You can join the 1% for the Planet movement yourself, either by pledging 1% of your annual profits to the movement like we have done, or by making a one-time donation to the movement’s Planet Impact Fund (which will go into investments into environmental causes, and grants to non-profit organizations).

If you’re curious about what else you can do to minimize the impact your move will have on the environment in spite of the inevitable waste generated, here are some great reads: here’s where you can purchase awesome second-hand furniture in Singapore, where you can donate furniture you don’t want anymore, and how you can practice sustainable waste disposal.

What do our customers say?

Read reviews of Wise Move to learn stories from our customers.
Yishun Street 20, Yishun
Reviewed 2 hours ago
Very accommodating and understanding.
Domestic waste collection
Portchester Avenue, Serangoon
Reviewed 8 hours ago
After booking, they came by on the same day to collect the items even though I specified a much longer period for them to do so. They called to check if they could arrive earlier to collect the items instead of the agreed time. They removed the items very quickly from the 2nd floor of a terrace house without any fuss. No extra charge. Very transparent. Job well done!
Reviewed 1 week ago
Correction: it is a 4 storey strata house! The team lead by Linda did a wonderful job. During the whole process, Linda has been very clear, helpful and caring. The workers were very respectful and took care of each box and bulky items. They even helped organise in the new apartment. Thanks Linda and Team. This is our 4th move and the best ever experience!
Domestic waste collection
Marine Parade Road, Marine Parade
Reviewed 1 week ago
FAst and so helpful when I forgot to take stuff out of the storage in the bed. Linda quickly stepped in to help when I asked. Can't wait to use their services again!
3 bedroom flat move
Suffolk Walk, Novena
Keng Lee Road, Novena
Reviewed 1 week ago
On time, professional, courteous, responsive and very experienced. Venu and his team took care of our belongings. No fuss in moving. Highly recommended!
2 office tables, 2 Pedestals, cabinets x2, 1 book shelf
Jalan Bukit Merah, Bukit Merah
Jalan Tenaga, Bedok
Reviewed 1 week ago
Very reasonable and trustworthy mover, will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone that needs moving service.
Flatshare move
Pasir Ris
Reviewed 3 weeks ago
Very fast moving speed👍
2 bedroom flat move
Lengkong Tujoh, Bedok
Meyer Road, Marine Parade
Reviewed 22 June, 2024
Responsive and professional service with experienced packers.
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