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Guide on How to Move a Sofa

Guide on How to Move a Sofa

Whether you’re moving from one location to another or if you want to buy a fairly used couch, you have to plan it ahead. Transporting a couch can be a difficult task due to its sheer size and unusual shape, and it not only requires a considerable amount of strength but also careful handling as well. However you can choose to hire a Singapore mover, or furniture mover to do the task for you but if you plan to move it yourself, practising safe techniques to avoid back injuries and protecting your items and home is something you must seriously think of beforehand. 

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Before you move your sofa, follow these simple instructions:

Equipment you will need

  • Moving dolly / Furniture sliders

  • Gloves

  • Lifting or furniture straps 

  • Plastic wrap

  • Moving blankets

  • Measuring tape

Measure and plan

Begin by laying out the route and make sure to clear any possible obstructions so you can figure out how to navigate it with the sofa. Cramming and forcing it through a too-small opening may result in tearing and damage to your sofa. It is recommended that you measure the dimensions of a sofa carefully. You can use a measuring tape to get the width, height and diagonal depth. Next, make sure your sofa will fit through your doorways, corners, stairwells, hallways, and elevator doors. Consider transporting it in pieces if at all possible.


This is required to avoid any delays when moving your sofa, as loose cushions can obstruct people's movement. Remove all cushions, legs, and any decoration and place them in a large plastic bag. Make sure to name the box you're packing them in so you can find it when it's time to put them back together.

Wrap it up

Wrap the item in a protective material, such as moving blankets or shrink wrap, completely. Before you put it inside the moving truck, this will ensure that it is free of harm. Don't forget to use furniture straps to secure the blanket.

Get to sliding

Because the sofa is such a huge piece of furniture, you might find it easier to move it with furniture sliders. Furniture sliders will make it much easier to slide big and bulky furniture and travel without hurting your floors. Simply slide a slider under each sofa leg and pull your large sofa toward the opening. If you're planning a DIY removal, you may get such sliders from a local hardware store or from your selected movers Singapore.

If you're using a flat furniture dolly, have one person tilt the sofa to one side and slide the moving dolly underneath it slowly. To secure the sofa, use movable straps or bungee cords.

Getting your sofa into the moving truck

Now you have successfully moved the couch out of your home it’s time to transport your sofa to the moving truck. Check that the ramp is clean and dry before proceeding with extreme caution, as this is when bad mishaps can lead to a world of trouble. Once the couch is loaded, attach it to the side of the van to save space and keep it from shifting.

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