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How To Save Your Back When Moving: Correct Loading Techniques & Importance Of Physiotherapy

How To Save Your Back When Moving: Correct Loading Techniques & Importance Of Physiotherapy

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What are you moving?

Moving homes is a massive job. As movers in Singapore, we spend most of our days lifting heavy furniture and helping to make the moving process as seamless as possible for clients.  Whilst we are experts in the art of moving, even we can suffer from back injuries if we're not careful.

Back and neck problems alone cost Singapore more than $3.5 billion per year. They can severely decrease your quality of life and ability to work. Incorrect lifting techniques is one of the leading causes of back injuries at work.

This article will discuss how to protect your back whilst moving and the importance of scheduling regular physiotherapy appointments to maintain your overall health as an individual mover or your staff at a moving company. Let's explore.

Why is protecting your back important?

The spine is one of the most delicate parts of the body and is susceptible to damage during any type of activity, but especially during moving. Incorrect loading or lifting techniques can easily cause back injuries such as sprain, strain or even fractures.

As a moving company employee, you spend most of your days lifting and carrying heavy boxes and furniture. It is important to know how to protect your back so that you can minimise the risk of injury.

In Singapore, 42% of work-related musculoskeletal disorders affect the back, with chronic pain costing the Singaporean economy over $8 billion per year.

A back injury can significantly decrease your quality of life and can make it harder to do many of your daily activities. Using the correct loading technique can reduce injuries and keep your back healthy throughout your career.

Correct loading technique 101

Using the correct loading technique as a mover can significantly reduce the strain and stress on your back. The correct technique for lifting heavy objects is as follows:

  • Get close to the object you are lifting.
  • Bend your knees, not your back.
  • Grip the object firmly with both hands.
  • Tighten your abdominal muscles.
  • Lift the object slowly and steadily, using your legs, not your back.

If you are unable to lift an object using these guidelines, do not try to force it. Instead, ask for help from a colleague or use a moving dolly to move the object.

What loads are safe to lift?

Many guidelines state that men should never lift more than 25kgs on their own.  However, this figure may be too conservative for some people. You should always lift the heaviest object you feel comfortable lifting. A more conservative figure is to lift no more than 10% of your body weight.

Unfortunately,  there is no definitive answer as to what loads are safe to lift. It depends on your strength, weight, and general health condition. You should always listen to your body and stop lifting if you feel any pain or discomfort.

How a physiotherapist can help with back pain

In addition to using the correct loading technique, it is also crucial to attend regular physiotherapy sessions. Physiotherapy helps maintain and improve your back health and can help fix any minor ailments that may cause long-term back problems.

If you have a history of back injuries or are currently experiencing pain in your back, it is important to see a physiotherapy specialist. A physiotherapist can help you improve your strength, flexibility and posture, and can give you specific exercises to do at home to help reduce your back pain.

They can also provide you with:

  • Pain relief, through the use of heat or ice packs, massage and acupuncture.
  • Advice on posture and ergonomics, to help you maintain a healthy back when working.
  • Treatment for conditions that may be causing your back pain, such as arthritis, spinal stenosis or spondylolisthesis.

Attending regular physiotherapy sessions can help you stay healthy and pain-free, and can prevent any long-term back problems. As a house mover, your back is constantly under strain from lifting heavy objects and it is important to take measures to protect it. With the correct loading technique and regular physiotherapy, you can keep your back healthy and safe while working.

If you’re interested in studying a physiotherapy course Singapore, check out the Singapore Institute of Technology. They have an award-winning Bachelor’s course that is comprehensive and offers practical clinical experience.

Maintaining your back health

It isn't just lifting objects incorrectly during your move that can injure your back. You can also injure your back whilst moving by twisting your back awkwardly or sitting in the wrong position for a long period of time. 

Other key things to remember to keep your back healthy: 

  • Get regular exercise. Exercise helps improve your strength, flexibility and posture, all of which are important for keeping your back healthy.
  • Maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight puts extra strain on your back and can lead to back pain.

Looking for a physiotherapy clinic in Singapore? Check out our best recommendations below:

Top physiotherapy clinics in Singapore

Our team has put together a comprehensive list of some of the best-reviewed physiotherapy clinics in the city. Here are our recommendations for the best physiotherapy Singapore.

Pooja Physiotherapy & Health Center

This physiotherapy clinic focuses on two major things -- natural healing and pain management. This clinic is awarded by Global Health Asia-Pacific Awards 2020 and has been exceptional therapy for its clients. It was established in 2015 and has been registered with the Allied Health Professional Council and member of the Singapore Physiotherapy Association. Clients have been coming back to this clinic because the services are cost-effective without unwanted packages. It even accommodates one client at a time, has a comfortable environment, and is very accessible. The clinic offers varied services which include acute & chronic pain management, treatment for neck and back pain, TMJ pain treatment, prevention management, and many more.

Ready Fit Physiotherapy

Bringing its client the modern physiotherapy approach, this wellness center has been rated 5-star for customer experience. Their excellent physiotherapists are dedicated to aiding their clients in every aspect of the recovery process providing the highest level of care. Ready Fit brings amazing programs which include non-invasive physiotherapy treatments which do not require needles or surgery but helps relieve pain as well as individualized body rehab plans. With their modern physiotherapy methods, the clinic offers high-intensity electronic therapy, winback Tecartheraphy, and physical therapy.

Experience tailored physiotherapy care and recovery!

Physiotherapy Clinic SingaporeHeart and Lung Physio

This is the first physiotherapy clinic in Singapore that specializes in heart and lung conditions. With their dedication to rehabilitating and providing preventative care, patients have achieved an empowered health journey. They offer focused therapies including cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, cancer rehabilitation, home physiotherapy, and chronic disease rehabilitation. It was first established in February 2022 and has been receiving amazing feedback from its patients. You can book an appointment online or through email and meet their amazing team today.

Physiotherapy Clinic SingaporePhysionique

This wellness center is the first expatriate physiotherapy clinic in Singapore that was founded in 1987. Meet a multinational team of physiotherapists and pilates instructors that will help you receive the most suited treatments for your condition. They offer physiotherapy to enhance your health and fitness and also sports therapy, massage therapy, pilates, and fitball for a balanced body workout. Physionique is also the first to specialize in the treatment of golf injuries and golf fitness.


Focus is a unique kind of health center that offers a studio environment. They help their patients develop movement, receive physiotherapy and rehabilitation, and also Polestar Pilates courses. With their highly-skilled therapists, every client optimizes movement through group or private lessons. They also offer treatments for back, neck, and postural care, sports/occupational injuries, neurological and orthopaedic conditions, and post-surgery therapy. The clinic provides Polestar Pilates courses which are the most comprehensive rehabilitation and fitness curriculum and certification.

Physiotherapists SingaporeFamily Chiropractic

Operating since 2009, this clinic provides service as an all-rounded chiropractic wellness center. This family-oriented uses a health care discipline that emphasizes the spine and nervous system relationship. Their doctors have more than 3 decades of combined chiropractic clinical experience dedicated to providing the most suited clinical solutions. They offer pain treatments like trigger point therapy, chiropractic spinal and extremity adjustments, traction for neck and low back pain, and many more.

Physiotherapists SingaporeThrive

This clinic helps its patients optimize recovery and thrive with its three general services. It offers home physiotherapy, clinic physiotherapy, and fitness for the elderly. Their treatments include critical illness rehabilitation, post-joint replacement rehabilitation, neurological and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, and also rehabilitation for older adults. Patients get customized recovery plans, timely treatment, and a dedicated physiotherapist.

Physiotherapists SingaporeRiver Physio

This physiotherapy clinic has been servicing patients for more than 20 years as a rehabilitation and specialist clinic. Their practitioners are from different places like Europe, Canada, and other parts of Asia. The clinic has brought 90% success in practising physiotherapy which includes back and pain management, vestibular rehabilitation, and some more. They also offer other services such as occupational therapy, river stretch, and home care.

Physiotherapists in SingaporePhysio 101

 Located in two areas with revolutionary clinics, Physio 101 has been helping its patients by assessing and treating all kinds of injuries. Through the utilization of evidence-based Physiotherapy principles, they treat numerous conditions. They specialize in pain management, post-surgical, sports injuries, manual therapy, dry needling, and neuro-rehabilitation. The clinic offers home therapy for patients with limited mobility.

Physiotherapists SingaporeDynamics Therapy Group

One gets all service under one roof in this clinic. The clinic has a pool of therapist who provides various treatments and therapies for all ages. They provide counseling, psychological assessment, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and other services including physiotherapy. It has great facilities with a dedicated therapy room for each therapist.

Singapore Sports and Orthopaedic Clinic

This clinic has some of the best orthopaedic specialists in the country who provide treatments for many orthopaedic problems including sports injuries, common orthopaedic conditions, and degenerative changes. You get the most-suited service through orthopaedic and trauma surgery, physiotherapy, consultation, and high-quality imaging techniques. They provide solutions for all ages.

Physiotherapists SingaporeFhysio

It is a wellness center offering honest and quality physiotherapy. The clinic is well-recognized for its holistic services targeting wellness and pain management. They provide treatments that include sports and injury treatment, shoulder rehabilitation, neck and back care, postural analysis, and more. It is also rated as one of the best massage centers in Singapore.

Sin Kang TCM Clinic

This clinic provides treatments that are fashioned from traditional Chinese medicine. With highly capable physicians and therapists, they offer several programs such as pain management, weight management, skin disorder treatments, sports enhancement, and more. This multi-awarded clinic specializes in NO-PAIN Acupuncture with effective results.

Inform Physiotherapy

They primarily help its patients prevent certain physical conditions from re-occurring. Physiotherapists provide assessments and proceed with treating affected body areas. The clinic does treatment and physical rehabilitation for most common areas where pain occurs like head, neck, shoulder, and back. They also offer online video consultation with an effective interactive experience.

Physiotherapists SingaporeDr. Chiro

This clinic is rated as one of the best chiropractic clinics in Singapore. It offers numerous services that aims to alleviate pain and improve the well-being of the patient. They concentrate on 'The Zone Technique' which originated in the USA. Clients come here for chiropractic and posture scans, assessment and analysis, manual adjustments for certain health conditions, nutrition, and a lot more.

Stride Fitness & Clinic

This clinic gives three types of services: physiotherapy, personal training, and clinical massage. They are located in the heart of Singapore and are recognized as a top-rated clinic. They treat several conditions such as neck pain, tension headache, back pain, ACL and MCL injuries, and more. Clients can receive manual therapy, exercises, and lifestyle advice.

Physio Edge

This clinic generally offers treatment for pain and certain conditions related to pregnancy. But they also provide joint and muscle pain treatment and orthopedic condition therapy. Their clinic aims to help their patients get back to their normal life through pain and orthopedic management. They even do teleconsultation at a reasonable price.

Edge Health Care

This clinic is located in the heart of Singapore and offers a wide range of physiotherapy services, including treatment for back pain. With an evidence-based practice approach, you'll receive expert care at this clinic.

The Rehab Lab

Renowned for its sports physiotherapy offerings, The Rehab Lab offers a range of specialized physiotherapy services. This practice is centrally located.

Heal360 Physioclinic

This clinic offers physiotherapy, massage therapy, shockwave therapy and sports rehabilitation services. It is centrally located and has a team of experienced therapists. They even offer more niche services, like lymphatic therapy.

Physio Focus

Physio Focus offers a range of physiotherapy services, including treatment for back pain. Physio Focus also offers services targeting joint and muscle pains and can aid with sports rehabilitation. This clinic has impressive facilities, with an onsite gym for exercise rehabilitation therapy and a clinical pilates room.

Core Concepts

Back pain physio, neck pain physio and many other physiotherapy services are offered here. Clients can also get involved in pilates. Gait analysis, functional training, dry needling and bike fitting for rehabilitation are some of the unique services on offer.


Alternatively, try these Osteopathy and manual therapy clinics

The Osteopathic Center

This award-winning osteopathic center has been providing services for over 14 years. It has a team of professionals who have wide-range experience in musculoskeletal care. Their services include osteopathy, dry needling, sports therapy, cranial osteopathy, rehabilitation, paediatric osteopathy, and kinesiology taping. Its services are able to help many individuals, from new born babies to the elderly.

Osteopathy Health Centre

Rather than physiotherapy, this clinic provides services through the system of Osteopathy. Their treatment methods focus on joints, muscles, and the spine. They offer holistic care services like pain management, therapy for pregnant women, osteopathy for work-related and sports injuries, and cranial osteopathy. You can check on their existing pricing plan and make an appointment online.

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(Faster. Stronger. Better.) Expert moving service in Singapore at a low-cost. All Covered. No Hassle.
9.6 · 294 reviews
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