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Tips on How to Move Large and Heavy Items

Tips on How to Move Large and Heavy Items

Most people surely own large furniture or heavy appliances at home. If you do, and you have plans of moving out to a new home, you should be ready for the back-breaking tasks you are about to face. Unless you are a professional mover, there’s always this possibility that you moving large items will result in damage to your items, your home, or worse, cause you to get injured.

We don’t want that to happen. So, other than hiring professional Singapore movers, we also gathered insightful tips here that you can use when moving large items to your new home.

Be smart when creating a plan

Performing a laborious task such as moving large items is not just about using your muscles. While physical strength is important, being smart will help you do the task a lot easier and without much troubles especially during DIY move. So, you need to make a plan. To do so, you need to assess what large items you have to move. Generally, heavy items should go towards the back of the truck and on the sides so you can balance the weight.

Also, before trying to move any large items, you need to measure the doors, hallways and stairways to make sure they will fit through the passageways to and from the moving truck. 

Dismantle parts that can be removed

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Removing parts of a large item will help you move it with more ease. When moving a desk, make sure to remove the drawer and its contents. Set aside the parts that you dismantled especially the small parts like screws, handles, etc. and make sure they are packed properly.

Use proper moving equipment

When moving large items, it is essential that you have proper moving materials with you to ensure your and your items’ safety. Furniture dollies are very useful because it makes moving easier and lighter for you or your movers. There are also more equipment or tools you can use, like lifting straps, stair rollers and plastic gliders. You can also use a rug, blanket or thick sheet to help glide heavy items with ease without causing damage to your floor.

Protect your items

Sometimes, even when you are very careful about moving, there are accidents that can happen that cause you to drop the item you are carrying or slam it against the wall. This can cause damage, dents and scratches to your item. So, you need to have a protective cover for the items you are carrying. Wrap it with blankets, moving pads or bubble wrap. Make sure that the covering is properly secured around the item and won’t slip when the item is being shifted.

Lift the items properly

If you are moving without the help of professional Singapore movers, then it is essential that you know the proper lifting techniques so you can avoid any injury. One of the most important things to remember is to carry the weight of the item in your legs, and not your back. Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart and place one foot slightly ahead of the other. Squat down on your knees while keeping your back straight. Hold the item close to your body and never lift it above your shoulder.

It is also important to note that pushing the item, instead of pulling, is a lot easier on your body. When you pull a heavy object, it will create extra strain on your back and joints. That is why pushing is more advisable.

Ask for help

Let’s be realistic, unless you’re some kind of a superhero, moving large items is not a one-man job. To ensure safety, you need help. You can ask for help from friends, family or neighbours in lifting large and heavy items. Just be sure to repay their kindness by preparing some refreshments after doing a back-breaking task.

If you have an extra budget to get professional help from trusted Singapore movers, then better do so. With them, having your large and heavy items move to your new home is much easier, faster and less stressful for you. You won’t need to worry about how you can move your large and heavy items safely, where to get moving equipment, or how to approach friends, family or neighbours to get help.

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