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Things Professional Movers Won't Move

Things Professional Movers Won't Move

If you are hiring Singapore movers for your next move, you might be expecting your movers to handle everything from packing to careful transportation and delivery. However, there are certain things your movers Singapore cannot or shouldn't move due to legal, ethical or safety reasons. You certainly don't want to repack and get stuck with leftovers that movers won't move. Before your professional movers come knocking, make sure you know the things your movers won’t move during the relocation process. 

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Hazardous material

You shouldn’t expect your mover to transport anything flammable or potentially explosive. Paint, batteries, paint, varnish, pool chemicals, fertilizers, household cleaning agents and nail polish are considered risky to transport. A good rule of thumb is if the post office says they can’t ship it then chances are your movers won’t move the said item.


Typically, movers won't move anything that will spoil. Rotten food releases offensive odours that cause fungus that may damage the other things inside the moving vehicle. Either consume the food before the move and toss out items that you already opened before the move instead of transporting them to your new home. On the other hand, non-perishables like canned goods and dried fruits usually transport well, but since weight affects the moving price, you may consider whether it is worth the cost. If you're moving long-distance, donate non-perishables to neighbours or family members so you'll have very little to toss out. 


Flowers and plants might not be hazardous but Singapore movers have a policy against moving plants. Not only because plants are excellent pest transmitters but also plants are very sensitive to temperature and light changes and might not survive in a dark truck with limited ventilation. If you’re moving just a few blocks away, packing and bringing the plants yourself is a good idea. Just make sure that your plants are well wrapped and secured to avoid any destruction in your vehicle. 


Will your movers move pets? No. 

Movers cannot take any pets onto their moving trucks even though your pets are extremely well-behaved. Moving vans or trucks can get very hot or cold depending on the weather so they should be with you. For the well-being of your four-legged companion, you should use your car or hire a professional pet transport service to safely relocate your pet to your new home. 

Valuable items

Movers do not want to transport any valuables and sentimental items which can't be replaced in case of an accident. Although professional movers are insured, no amount of money can compensate for sentimental value. If your item is sentimentally valuable, consider purchasing a sturdy box into your car with your valuables such as your expensive gadgets, jewellery, personal documents, heirlooms and cash. 

There are many things that you need to consider when packing your items for a home move to avoid any problems during your moving day and ensure everything will stay as organized as possible. Find trusted movers in Singapore as soon as possible so you get to organize your move with them early on. To easily find moving services in Singapore, submit a request on Wise Move and get free competitive quotes from Wise move’s list of movers in Singapore. Compare quotes and as soon as you choose a company, make sure to get a list of non-allowable items from them.

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