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Reasons Why People Use Self-Storage Units in Singapore

Reasons Why People Use Self-Storage Units in Singapore

Self-storage units were introduced in Singapore in the early 2000s and this industry has developed quickly in recent years led by a few favourable factors. These facilities provide additional space for people to store their personal belongings or even small businesses to keep all valuable belongings safe and secure from the environment. You can also easily access your items whenever you like and at your convenience. Therefore, a lot of people are now considering the use of self-storage units since it is more economical and convenient than constructing additional rooms for extra space.

Are you curious why people use self–storage units? Wondering what items they usually put inside? If yes, you are in the right place. We have gathered these top reasons why self-storage demands are increasing for both personal and professional use in Singapore. 

1. Home renovation

Most people make home renovations to add additional rooms, remodel house walls or even reconstruct leaky roofs. If you are planning to renovate your home, getting a self-storage unit will give you a place to move and temporarily store your belongings. This facility will avoid any damage, dust and debris to your furniture and other appliances while having a renovation.

Once renovations are completed, hiring movers Singapore to remove your belongings from the storage unit and take your items back home will make it easier. You can also do it yourself but will surely need time. But before doing so, make sure to plan the arrangement of your furniture and appliances or just restore them to their original positions as long as you think it’s a good fit for the newly renovated rooms.

2. Home move

Moving to a new home involves a lot of processes that usually are not possible to achieve in a day. Issues may even occur especially if you are just leasing the place. There are some instances when you need to leave your present home even if your new living space is not yet available. You have the option to live with your closest friends temporarily. The problem is where you can leave all your heavy and valuable belongings since your friends possibly do not have enough space for extra belongings since they also have their own furniture.

If you are facing the same problem, using a storage unit to temporarily store your item and hiring trusted and professional Singapore movers will make it easier for you.  This way, you can avoid worrying about your belongings since the movers will move your items carefully and the storage facility will hold your items safely until your new home is ready.

3. Change in relationship status

Change in relationship status is also a reason why people use self-storage units. This is usual for couples who are living together and once they decide to have a divorce, they do not require as much space as they needed to compared to when they were together. When this happens, one partner may want to leave the common residence and find a new place to start a new life. Thus, some people will use a storage unit to temporarily store their items to avoid going back to the common home.

On the other hand, for new couples who are still building their new relationships and wanted to leave their existing place even if the new home is not yet ready or still unable to find a new place, renting a self-storage unit is also an option. This will secure the items and will also give couples time and a chance to set up their new home and plan the arrangement of each piece of furniture and other belongings together.

 4. Secure place for equipment or vehicles

Individuals or small businesses who are using seasonal items will likely use self-storage units. If you own seasonal equipment such as ski equipment, camping gear or even gardening tools and you don’t have enough space in your garage to store them, using a unit is ideal. By doing this, your home is more organised and you are sure that your belongings are still in good condition when the next season arrives.

If you own a car, motorcycle or even a boat that you won’t need to use for a period of time, getting a storage unit is a wise idea to help protect your vehicle from environmental elements that may cause damage. It is important to check the terms for storing certain vehicle classes to avoid any problems once you decide to use them.

5. Frequent travelling

Nowadays, a lot of people are travelling for personal or business purposes. Whatever reasons you have, storing your important files and belongings in a storage unit is recommended particularly if you will be leaving for another country for quite some time. This will make your items safe and secure from any inevitable problems that may occur at your home, especially if you are not around. Also, this will make your travels more convenient since you will not be carrying those important items which may be inconvenient and bulky during your travels.

6. Ran out of space

A self-storage unit is commonly used for additional space. There are some people who prefer to stay in their current living space since they are already satisfied, they don’t have enough space anymore for all their items. Also, some people are thinking about the price of bigger living areas which is increasing over time making it unaffordable. Therefore, these people prefer to use these facilities to store their extra furniture and valuables. 

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There are a lot of advantages to using a self-storage unit. From giving you the freedom to arrange your unit, accessing your unit to store or take your belongings whenever you like and primarily securing all your items. If you have some heavy, large and bulky furniture or appliances to store or pick up from your storage, hiring Singapore movers would make it more convenient.

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