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GastroBeats 2023

By · June 13, 2023
GastroBeats 2023

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Imagine this. You are moving and have already found a house mover after a thorough search for moving services. You’ve finally found a great mover to take care of everything and before you know it, moving day has come, and while everything is packed and moved against a home moving checklist guide, you need to find a way to unwind, relax, and more importantly, to eat. And as most people in Singapore love to eat out, and one of the best ways you can do so, is to attend GastroBeats 2023.

GastroBeats is a vibrant food and music festival held annually in Singapore. The festival, renowned for its delightful fusion of food, drinks, music, and lively atmosphere, was first launched in 2022 and quickly became a hit with locals and tourists. The festival is situated at the Bayfront Event Space, a prime location in Singapore known for hosting various events and celebrations.

GastroBeats aptly combines gastronomic delights with exciting beats, offering visitors an immersive and multisensory experience. The festival boasts a diverse array of food stalls and vendors, offering local and international cuisines, coupled with live music performances that set a spirited and enjoyable atmosphere. The aim is to showcase the city's vibrant food scene while celebrating its lively music culture.

The festival usually spans about a month, providing visitors ample time to explore the myriad food stalls and relish the variety of performances. Running until 25th June, this immersive extravaganza promises a plethora of activities, ensuring there's something for every attendee, irrespective of age. Let's delve deeper into what this year's festival has in store for its guests.

GastroBeats 2023 Location

Set against the stunning backdrop of Singapore's vibrant cityscape, GastroBeats finds its home at Bayfront Event Space. This locale is the perfect stage for a celebration that combines an eclectic blend of culinary treats and auditory pleasures. As the festival unfolds, attendees can revel in the diverse offerings from 1 to 25 June 2023, immersing themselves in a celebration that dances to the rhythm of Singapore's multicultural identity.

GastroBeats 2023 is not just a standalone event; it harmoniously integrates with i Light Singapore’s exhibition offerings, inviting attendees to interact with a major installation at the heart of the event space. This interactive stage set, known as "Moooooootion," was conceived and designed by Thailand-based artists XD49. The installation serves as a playful response to lockdowns during COVID-19, echoing the collective resilience and creativity sparked by the global pandemic.

The festival site is designed to ensure the seamless movement of attendees, encouraging exploration and interaction with the various stalls, stages, and installations. The vibrant, dynamic energy of GastroBeats, complemented by the urban elegance of the Bayfront Event Space, creates a unique setting that contributes significantly to the overall experience of the festival-goers.

GastroBeats 2023 Food

The food at GastroBeats 2023 is nothing short of a global gastronomic experience, featuring over 50 local food and beverage vendors participating, including returning favorites and exciting new debutants. Here are a few highlights:

Ahjumma’s Nacho offers a fascinating fusion of their Dakgalbi Chicken Nachos and Cheesy Corn with Tteokbokki. The contrasting textures and flavors between the crunchy nachos, savory chicken, sour kimchi, and creamy cheese leave a memorable impact. They also offer a unique cheesy corn dish, best eaten quickly to enjoy the cheese pull, served with tteokbokki that adds a nice texture contrast to the corn.

For foodies on the go, No Time Hot Pot, a brand from Taiwan, offers a convenient hotpot cup. You can choose from their No Time Anyhow or No Time Share Share, the latter coming with Mala and Tomato broths filled with generous toppings like pork belly slices, meatballs, and fried tofu puffs that soak up the soup. The Mala broth is flavourful but not overwhelmingly spicy, and the Tomato soup serves as a tasty non-spicy alternative.

DAMN (Dry-Aged Meats & Needs) enthrals meat lovers with their Dry-Aged Wagyu Cubes. These are charred on the outside but tender on the inside, served with pickled onions and crispy garlic chips to balance the flavors and textures.

La Levain, popular for their circular croissants, offers a variety of baked goods including a GastroBeats 2023 exclusive - the Carbonara Croissant Pasta. This dish features mini croissants covered in a pasta sauce of your choice. They also offer the Bobochacha Croissant topped with a sweet yam paste, filled with cream and yam cubes. It’s not overly sweet and has a pleasant fragrance from the yam.

Central Siam Cuisine provides a taste of Thailand with their Moo Ping Set consisting of three different skewers of Thai sausage and meat patties. They offer options for additional seasoning like Cheese and Mala but also taste great as they are.

The variety in food offerings at GastroBeats 2023 guarantees an exciting culinary journey for every attendee, promising a gastronomic experience that is as diverse as it is delicious. Alongside the fun and games, GastroBeats also hosts weekly food challenges named GastroBeats Chomp Champs. This competitive event invites festival-goers to demonstrate their gastronomic prowess, challenging participants to devour a variety of dishes from different cuisines in record time. While the glory of being crowned a Chomp Champ might be enticing enough, winners often enjoy additional rewards and prizes, making the challenge even more exciting.

Apart from these, several interactive booths are set up by event partners such as Foodpanda, Carlsberg, and Pepsi. Attendees can explore these booths, engage in interactive activities, and win prizes. Moreover, DBS, the returning presenting sponsor of i Light Singapore 2023, has set up various booths based on themes of self-care, sustainable living, and future living. Visitors can participate in the activities at these booths, collect digital stamps and earn a goodie bag filled with exciting freebies upon completing any four booths.

GastroBeats 2023 Tickets

While GastroBeats 2023 invites everyone with open arms, free of charge, certain activities within the festival require purchased tickets. These ticketed events and activities contribute to the festival's vibrant and diverse offerings.

One such exciting attraction is Jumptopia, a dreamland filled with inflatables and bouncy castles. This whimsical wonderland promises to delight the younger audience, offering a fun, active way to engage with the festival. Tickets for this inflatable adventure can be purchased via Pelago, making it easy for families to plan ahead for a day of fun and frolic at the festival.

GastroBeats 2023 Music

Of course, a GastroBeats festival would be incomplete without the 'beats'. Live music is a significant part of the festival, filling the air with infectious rhythms and memorable melodies. The line-up features a range of local rock and indie bands, including fan favorites such as Jack & Rai, 53A, and Jive Talkin’. There's always a band on stage, ensuring that the beats never stop and the festival vibe remains high.

Additionally, the festival is launching a music competition, Fresh Voice, on June 25. This year-long search for Singapore’s undiscovered musical talents offers a platform for new musicians to showcase their skills. This competition adds an exciting dynamic to the festival and invests in the local music scene, ensuring that GastroBeats continues to echo with fresh and vibrant sounds in the years to come.

GastroBeats 2023 Environmental Initiatives

An essential feature of GastroBeats 2023 is its focus on eco-friendly initiatives. In partnership with Green Nudge, a local environmental group, the festival has set up recycling stations where visitors can recycle or repurpose their empty drink cans. This initiative encourages festival-goers to play their part in preserving the environment, turning the enjoyment of the festival into a sustainable and environmentally friendly experience.


GastroBeats 2023 celebrates food, music, and community in a vibrant festival experience. The diverse range of international food offerings, engaging activities, and electrifying musical performances come together to create a unique and immersive atmosphere. The festival offers something for everyone: food connoisseurs, music enthusiasts, kids on summer vacation, and adults seeking a refreshing break. As such, the festival invites everyone to gather their family and friends and come to enjoy the infectious beats, mouth-watering food, and endless activities on offer.

With its vision to provide an engaging, enriching, and sustainable festival experience, GastroBeats 2023 promises to be an unforgettable event on Singapore's cultural calendar.


Question: Is GastroBeats Free?

Yes, GastroBeats is free to enter. However, each stall or specific attraction will charge a fee.

Question: Where do you park for GastroBeats?

Parking is available at the Marina Bay Sands underground car park, a short walk from the Bayfront Event Space.

Question: How long is GastroBeats?

GastroBeats runs from 1 to 25 June 2023.

Do you need to move during Gastrobeats 2023?

Move your stall during festivities using only vetted movers and packers trusted by thousands of customers across Singapore. Door to Door Delivery. Any Item Type. Same Day Services. Fixed Prices.
9.6 · 204 reviews

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