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DIY Piano Move Vs. Hiring Piano Movers Singapore

DIY Piano Move Vs. Hiring Piano Movers Singapore

Piano movers in Singapore at low-cost

(Faster. Stronger. Better.) Expert piano moving service in Singapore at a low-cost.
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We’re used to assuming that we are capable of carrying out all the demands and tasks required when moving. But most of the time, we only end up disappointing ourselves because we failed to weigh the gravity of every task involved in the process. This is a common scenario during relocations, not entirely a new issue.

Most house owners, which only have little to no knowledge about moving, usually regret it in the middle of doing the move since they have no idea about the specific things that must be accounted for before proceeding to particular aspects of the move. 

The realizations come as soon as the relocation has commenced and they’ve become aware of the things around them. The best illustration is when homeowners have to transfer their pianos all by themselves. For this, the only convenient thing to do is to seek the help of piano movers

True, you may save a lot when choosing to do it yourself but there’s no guarantee that you can manage the move smoothly, let alone lift the entire instrument on your own. We highly recommend looking for piano movers in Singapore and take note of the following guidelines below:

The significance of hiring piano movers Singapore

Since piano movers are individually trained to lift, load, and smoothly handle piano relocations, they are the most qualified people for the task. This is basically the reason why people seek their services and capabilities. Nowadays, the moving industry keeps expanding and the range of moving services continues to develop in order to cater to more industries.

The advantages that you’ll be receiving in hiring piano movers are assured to be plenty and yet, many still choose to do the move by themselves. We can’t stop them since it’s their personal choice but as much as possible, we refrain from suggesting it because of the possible risks that may be encountered during the procedure.

In relocation situations like transporting a couch or a dining table, moving them by yourself may be advisable. Relocating smaller pieces of furniture is not a problem since at least two individuals can handle it. Usually, these kinds of furniture aren’t that heavy and do not have surfaces that easily get ruined or removed.

However, the situation is different for pianos since it is already both sensitive, large, and heavy which would make a DIY move impossible to do. You need to keep in mind that pianos are somewhat complicated instruments that would ultimately require professional removalists to handle them.

The benefits of relying on piano movers

The pros of letting professionals take care of your piano are a lot and this would surely be favourable on your part. We have enumerated below several good reasons that may encourage you to hire piano movers instead:

  • Professional piano removalists are equipped with the necessary skills and know-how for moving heavy objects as well as the needed tools and devices in making the relocation smooth and convenient on your part. They also have the machinery that allows them to lift the piano and load it into the truck. To prevent damage inside the piano, they are knowledgeable about weight distribution among the people lifting it.

  • Most moving companies provide insurance services for emergencies. Although you hire the best movers in the city, accidents are unpredictable and may occur anytime. As compensation, insurances exist to resolve things between the company and the client. There’s insurance covering items as well as the workers too.

  • You don’t have to reach the point of stressing yourself about the move. What you’re required to do is provide specific instructions and the movers will handle the rest. This will immediately spare you time and worry so you can concentrate on other matters that you need to focus on.

  • Should you need to rush move your piano, there are moving companies that offer on-the-day moving services but not all companies offer them. You need to ask them first just to make sure you approach the right company to handle the delivery.

A do-it-yourself approach is still an option

If we failed to persuade you despite all of the information we’ve provided previously, then we’ll recommend you do the relocation yourself. However, if you’re worried about the possible expenses that come with hiring movers, you’re always free to visit the websites of removal companies online and look for the rates of their services.

But what if you’re not bothered by the price, what motivates you to move the piano yourself is just checking your capabilities. You want to see how far you’ll go with this situation. Expect that it will be extremely challenging considering that you lack the necessary equipment and suitable skills too.

If you have a group of friends that are willing to help you with the move, then it’s not a problem. We just want to make sure that you don’t shoulder the relocation alone. As the saying goes, ‘the more, the merrier,’ which is still applicable to this day. We also advise you to get the dimensions of your piano as well as the entryways within your house to identify where the piano will fit.

Wrapping up

Planning the move is a crucial part of the actual relocation process. Even if you don’t plan to hire movers, planning is still needed. Calculating possible expenses in advance saves you from being surprised by the amount of money to pay for the relocation.

When all things fail and you feel like you’re not able to execute the tasks, withdraw from them and do not push yourself to perform everything. Most accidents occur because individuals are hesitant to back down from doing the tasks. But you might just end up destroying the piano, gain injuries and pay for hospitalization. Remember to take one step at a time because your health and safety should be the top priority among anything else.

Piano movers in Singapore at low-cost

(Faster. Stronger. Better.) Expert piano moving service in Singapore at a low-cost.
9.6 · 315 reviews
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