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Top Tips for Hiring a Moving Company

Top Tips for Hiring a Moving Company

Moving to a new place? Whatever reason you have, it can be exciting for the fact that you get to start anew and find new opportunities. But let us be real, it is not a walk in the park. You will also need to think about the new environment and the new challenges you will be facing. With all of these things in your mind, preparation for the move can be overwhelming and draining.

For you to focus more on yourself and your future endeavours, hiring a moving company is a smart choice. If you want to know how to find a trusted and professional moving company for your move, here are a few tips you can follow to help you hire the right team of movers in Singapore.

1. Be honest with the moving inventory

Providing a correct and complete moving inventory like the number of boxes, furniture, and other belongings is important for the moving company to give an accurate quote and for them to be prepared for any equipment needed to do your home move. Note that there are movers who refuse to move items that were not included in the moving inventory, so being upfront with your moving inventory will also avoid any problems during the moving day. 

2. Beware of extra charges/fees

In addition to moving inventory, you need to be honest with the information about the collection and delivery place. Be sure to disclose if they will have to deal with stairs, narrow or steep paths, and the distance to move each item to the truck. This will affect the ability of the movers to finish the job which can lead to additional charges you are not expecting to have.

3. Ask for recommendations

Asking family and friends will be extremely helpful especially if it’s your first time moving. When you are not familiar with the preparation and process, it is a smart thing to ask for recommendations and advice. As they say, firsthand experience is more reliable than online reviews.

If you know someone, a colleague or neighbour, who hired a mover recently, you may contact them and ask about their experience in the moving company. If you are lucky enough, you could hire the same mover if they had provided your colleague or neighbour with excellent service and a good experience.

4. Get multiple quotes

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If you are unable to get recommendations, it is time to search for moving companies on your own. One mistake that you should avoid is accepting the first quote you received. Be sure to get multiple quotes, get 3 to 5 quotes if possible, from several moving companies for you to compare each estimation. 

If you wanted to look for multiple quotes with just one inquiry, you can easily do that using Wise Move. All you need to do is submit a listing and Wise Move will reach out to a network of reliable Singapore movers who are ready to provide you with competitive quotes. This will save you time and money from researching, calling, and sending text messages to each mover with no assurance of getting a reply. All of these you can do for free with Wise Move.

5.  Check reviews

If you already have some quotes available and are still undecided, you can further check the reliability of the moving companies by taking the time to read reviews about the company to get an idea of what type of moving company you are going to be working with. Be sure to read feedback from customers and check specific concerns about how the company handles issues like broken or missing items.

Take note that you need to base your decision not only on the price. Yes, a cheap moving company can still do the job for you, but you also have to consider some factors like the quality of service, reliability, and experience of the movers. This will make you feel more secure about your move.

6. Discuss insurance coverage

Ask your potential moving companies if they have insurance and what the coverage is. If possible, check the insurance policy if it will cover all items you own if something goes wrong during the process. I know you are expecting that the moving company will do their job perfectly. But some circumstances are unavoidable. Accidents can occur even if we hope they will not happen so it is smart to make sure that you are covered. This will also prove the legitimacy of a mover by having insurance. 

7. Avoid Packing Cost

If you already made up your mind and decided to hire a moving company, you could lessen the costs by packing your belongings by yourself but be sure you have ample time to do it. This way, you will not be paying extra for the time and effort they will have for packing and the materials they are going to use. At the same time, you are sure that all your precious items are packed properly and you will save time during the moving day since everything is prepared already. All they need to do is load and unload your items.

Hiring a reliable removalist will greatly affect the outcome of your move. A seamless move makes you have a smooth transition to your new home. So make sure to dedicate ample time to plan and research before hiring a removalist. Happy moving!

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