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Top Things to Do Before You Move

Top Things to Do Before You Move

Just the thought of moving alone is enough to invoke a feeling of metal and physical exhaustion. The endless tasks of sorting, decluttering, packing, and labelling boxes takes a great toll on you. Then, there’s a whole new process once you get to the new place of unpacking, and completing the same tasks in reverse.

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There are lots of things you should consider before moving. So, we’ve made you a list of key things to remember during the process: 

  1. Make sure to keep cash on hand for any last-minute basic or emergency supplies. 

  2. Charge your phone completely because they last thing you want is your phone to die while trying to direct the moving company to your new home. 

  3. Ask your agent for a list of recommended local area services. These services include plumbers, electricians, and professionals trained in heating and air conditioning services. Coming across reputable contractors for these items can be stressful in a new area. 

  4. If you take medication regularly, be sure to request extra supplies from your doctor until you can locate a new primary care physician near your new home. 

  5. If you have young children or pets, arrange for a sitter. Also, when you have children attending school, they’ll need a letter. It’s best to write that letter as soon as possible. 

  6. Ensure that all utilities are turned off at your current home before you move. 

  7. Collect all house keys from relatives, nannies, and neighbours so you can turn them into your solicitor or real estate agent. 

  8. Make a list of all important phone numbers you may need. These include the estate agent, insurance company, utility companies, and removal companies. Also, be sure to have your account number for each on hand. 

  9. Inform your optician, dentist, doctor, etc. that you will be relocating and registering with new ones. 

  10. Don’t forget about your internet service and phone number. Be sure the services are transferred to your new place in a timely fashion. 

  11. Tell your friends and family of your upcoming move. A notification for change of address should also be sent to each of your insurance companies, banks, charities, building societies, and credit card providers. Even if you haven’t ordered any items online recently, it’s a great idea to go ahead and change your address on sites such as eBay, Gumtree, Amazon, or any other store you regularly order from. 

  12. Have the solicitor’s contact details for the seller on hand in case issues arise with the new home. 

  13. Most importantly, begin preparing for your move as early as possible. Order necessary packing materials such as bubble wrap and boxes in advance so you can begin packing early, and effectively manage your time. 

In this list, we’ve tried to cover everything, and we think we did! Print this list and keep the information in mind to ensure you have a stress-free move! For a more guaranteed stress-free moving, consider hiring a professional Singapore mover to do the job. As the best place to looking for a trusted mover is Wise Move. Submit one listing and you will get multiple quotes from Singapore’s most trusted and reliable moving companies and home movers. Get your free non-obligatory quotes now and happy moving!

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