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Tips on How to Unpack After a Home Move

Tips on How to Unpack After a Home Move

Most likely, there is a lot of advice you may get from Singapore movers on how to pack and prepare for your home move. But how about any advice on the best way to unpack your belongings? You may be shocked at how stressful and challenging this task could be. Let’s be real, once you arrive at your new home, you will feel all exhausted from packing, moving, loading, and unloading all your belongings that you will feel it’s time to take a break. But you need to remember that you still need to unpack boxes all over your new home.

Before you rush into opening those boxes, there are a few important things you should do. These steps we gathered would lessen your stress and will not cause you to lose your excitement with your new home.

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1. Clean the entire home

Cleaning is important in every move. While packing your items before the move, it is advisable to create a separate box for cleaning essentials. Make sure to properly label this box for you and the moving company to identify it and place it lastly in the moving truck. This will give you easy access to your cleaning essentials and for you to start as early as possible.

The former occupant would do some cleaning, but most likely, only the dirt found on the surface. Therefore, you need to do a thorough cleaning before you start opening the boxes in each room. An empty house is easier and more convenient to clean than a house full of furniture, so you should take this opportunity before you start unpacking. It will be a total struggle to carry out necessary cleaning if there are a great number of furniture and boxes. At the same time, you have the time to take photos of the current condition of each room to avoid issues in the future.

2. Sort the boxes strategically

When moving to a new home, some people will just let their movers Singapore put their boxes by the door especially if the movers want to rush the process. You can do this option and arrange the boxes later, but this will surely add extra tasks. This requires physical labour for you to take the boxes to their designated rooms.

To lessen your task when you arrive at your new home, it’s better to mark each box with the name of the room to where you want it to be placed. This could be done while you are packing your items for you to easily list the content of each box. This way, your home mover can place all the boxes in the correct room but be sure to hire a professional and patient one to make sure the move is properly handled.

3. Set a schedule for unpacking

Once the last box was placed by Singapore movers in your new home, it is time for you to set a schedule for unpacking. This will help you have a smooth post moving period. If possible, create a daily plan on what room you will be packing and make sure to stick on it. This way, you can focus on task one at a time and at the same time making your unpacking process organized.

Unlike packing for a move where you need to think about the deadline keeping the stress levels unhealthy for you. But now, for unpacking make sure not to overwork yourself. You can do this task on your own terms and in your own comfortable and relaxed manner. This way, you feel positive and happy with your new home.

4. Unpack room by importance

Now, it is time for you to unpack. Make sure you have a list of all the rooms and spaces in your new home. This way, it will be simpler to make an unpacking system that will help you distinguish what room to unpack first.

As advised by a lot of people who have experienced home move, unpacking a room should be done one at a time rather than just grabbing the necessary items and leaving the boxes for later. This is a bigger task to tackle once you arrive at your new home, but this will avoid you from leaving boxes of items lying around a room.

You surely want to start unpacking your box of essentials (toiletries, medicine kit, basic kitchen utensils, food, and box cutter. Once done, you can start unpacking the most frequently used rooms (bathroom, bedroom). Next, you can do the kitchen.  Then, you can move on to lesser-used spaces like your guest bedroom and formal living area. Extra storage areas like a garage and basement should be the last priority.

5. Hire professional Singapore movers

Last but not the least, hiring professional and patient home movers should be done. This way, you feel secure and safe from surprise damages while in transit since you are sure they handled your move carefully. Some movers Singapore also offers both packing and unpacking of your items for an additional cost but this will avoid you from getting stressed about these tasks.

Thinking of moving anywhere in Singapore but you are not sure where to start? Wise Move is a great platform to connect to professional and trusted movers in Singapore to assist you with your moving needs with just one enquiry. We know that settling into your new home should be a great experience for you. With our help, you are surely secured in a smooth and less stressful move.

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