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Tips for an Eco-friendly Move

Tips for an Eco-friendly Move

The environmental issues that we are facing have been an eye-opener which makes a lot of people be more cautious and make more efforts to help lessen the environmental impact on their daily activities. If you have any plans of moving, you should know that it is such a wasteful process. But with better planning and preparation, you can make your upcoming move as eco-friendly as possible.  Just follow these simple tips to begin.

1. Declutter home

One of the most important activities you need to do before your home move is decluttering. This gives you the opportunity to re-evaluate all your possessions. Removing items that you no longer need or want will save you money and time. You have some options.

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If you have expensive and in good condition belongings that you no longer need, you can open a garage sale a few weeks before your move to sell these. Doing so, you can earn extra money for your upcoming move and at the same time, give a new home to your old items.

On the other hand, you can just donate your old possessions to local charities in your area rather than to throw the items away. It can benefit less fortunate people in your community and you were able to help them. You also don’t need to pack unnecessary items therefore saving your time from packing.

2. Dispose of any materials in an eco-friendly way

After sorting all your items, disposing of any unusable and damaged items is needed. Of course, you don’t want to bring these items to your new home. This includes white goods and other possessions like paints, lighting, and batteries that should be correctly disposed of.

Most households also have some hazardous chemicals that you usually keep at a safe place at home like gasoline, ammonia, and kerosene. Giving it to a friend or a family member is a good idea.  Or if not, you can contact any local waste disposal company so that they can properly dispose of it for you. 

3. Use eco-friendly packing materials

When you are now prepared to pack your belongings for your home move, it is best to avoid buying new packing materials. Boxes are quite important during a move so you may look for old boxes or bins available at your home or you can ask family members or friends if they have pre-loved boxes. It is eco-friendly since you are recycling those materials and at the same time, you can save money from buying one.

If you can’t find any available boxes, you can try to rent some plastic crates since it is reusable, and you can stack these items easily in the moving truck. It is also much more durable than cardboard boxes which is a good thing since it can protect your belongings from any damages during a home move.

 For wrapping, it is best to use items already available at home like blankets, bedsheets, towels and even clothes, to protect those breakable items that you own. You also need to pack these items anyway, so better use these as a packing material. Using bubble wraps and foam peanuts to cushion possessions is good but is expensive and at the same time it is not eco-friendly, so you need to think twice.

4. Recycle moving supplies once the move is done

Once you successfully moved all your things to your new home, avoid disposing of your moving materials. You may consider using those sturdy boxes to store some of your items at home or you can just save it if you need them in your future move. You may also donate to charities or any local community programs since they usually have a need for boxes.

5. Hire an eco-friendly moving company

One of the things you need to consider is hiring an eco-friendly moving company for your home move. It is not that hard to find since a lot of moving companies are aware of the possible effects of moving in the environment. They are now adopting more eco-friendly moving practices by having energy-efficient vehicles and using recycled materials for packing.

You can now start planning for your eco-friendly home move by following those simple tips. If you are looking for eco-friendly moving companies in your area, Wise Move - Movers Singapore is easily the best platform to use. Just need to submit a listing, it will reach out to Singapore's trusted moving companies saving your time and lessening your stress. 

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