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Tips for a Successful Pre-Moving Sale

Tips for a Successful Pre-Moving Sale

Do you plan to move anytime soon? You have surely accumulated a lot of things from many years of staying in the home you’re currently living in. But now it's time to get rid of all unnecessary items and decide what you will need to bring to your new home. And while you could easily just trash or donate those to a local charity, hosting a pre-moving sale will allow you to get rid of all of these and at the same time lower moving expenses because you will only need to pay movers Singapore less for moving fewer items. 

But of course, hosting a pre-moving sale won't be a success without proper planning and preparations. So, we've gathered these tips to make your pre-moving sale a success. 

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Create an inventory list

The first thing you need to do is figure out what you have and gather all items that are still in good working condition. Sort out and group similar items just like in real stores.  Since this will come in hand, you can easily refer to it if customers ask if you are offering a certain item or inform the customer about available items. 

Pick an ideal date and time

Set a date and time as soon as possible for you to have more time to prepare for your pre-moving sale. The best date is when there are many potential customers such as Fridays and Saturdays since they're typically the busiest days for yard sales. Bad weather may interfere, so make sure to check the weather forecast. And remember to avoid hosting a garage sale on a holiday. People surely have planned such as out of town events which means only a few possible customers can come to your garage sale.

Check with your local authorities

To be safe and to avoid any problems or issues during your pre-moving sale, be extra careful and check with your local authorities if you need a permit or any required documents before doing a pre-moving sale. See if there are any regulations and restrictions you need to abide by. Do this at least three weeks before your garage sale or yard sale for you to have sufficient time to comply with the needed requirements.

Price your items right

Sure, you are looking for a way to make money, but if you set your price too high, it won’t encourage as many customers to buy your items. Check online to see how much a particular item costs so you can set a reasonable price for it or check out a few garage sales within your area so you can get an idea of how you should set the prices for your items. After you determine the price of each item, put a tag or write your prices on a neon sticker so your customers can easily check the prices.

Be open to haggling

Most people will expect to haggle, and that’s normal. But if you think the price they are asking for is not right, try to meet halfway.  Remember to have some fun while you are at it. Bargaining can be fun and entertaining especially for people you know so remember to enjoy your pre-moving sale.

Donate what you have left

Donate what you cannot sell. There's no point in bringing the leftovers back into your new home. As soon as the sale's done, gather the leftovers and take them to a drop-off centre. Some organizations are also happy to pick it up from your place.  

A successful pre-moving sale will leave you with a less cluttered, more organized home. Once your pre-moving sale is over it’s time to get back to your other moving tasks like cleaning and packing your stuff before your hired Singapore Movers arrive. But if you're still looking for reliable movers in Singapore to help you, the best thing to do is to use Wise Move to quickly look for and hire a moving company to move your things to your new home.

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