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Tips for a Smooth Apartment Move

Tips for a Smooth Apartment Move

If a new opportunity knocks on your door, you will surely grab the chance even if it includes moving to a new place. Moving to a new apartment will give you an exciting new chapter of your life but it may be challenging. You need to find an apartment that suits your preferences, budget, the need of space, location and overall comfort. If you got lucky to find an apartment, the next thing you should consider is how to move your stuff. This process will require a lot of planning and preparation.

Once you already sign your lease in your new apartment, it’s time for you to organise, plan for your move and search for trusted Singapore movers. We have gathered these tips for you to follow for a smooth apartment move. 

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1. Giving a proper notice

Reviewing the lease of agreement is necessary if you decide to move to a new apartment. This will give you all the mandatory actions you need to do before leaving the premises to prevent any unforeseen charges. This includes informing the landlord for at least 30 to 60 days before the moving day, or even 90 days for some lease. They usually require proper notice, usually in a written form to alert your landlord and also your great neighbours. This will give you time to say your farewell to everyone. But don’t forget to save a copy of the letter for yourself to keep it in your records.

 2. Creating a timeline and a checklist

An apartment move is a challenging task especially if it’s your first move. Keep in mind that you should avoid procrastination. A good way to prevent this is by creating a timeline at least a month in advance with all the tasks required to do and making sure that you follow it accordingly. This way, you have enough time to prepare and pack your belongings carefully and safely.

Furthermore, creating a checklist is also a smart way to avoid forgetting necessary tasks and items. In your checklist, you should include all items for each room, cleaning processes, move-out inspections, utilities and the movers Singapore you will be hiring for your move to be easier and more convenient. Make sure to cross out each activity you’ve finished. Doing so will give you satisfaction once you are almost done with all your tasks.

3. Scheduling an initial move-out inspection

One of the things you must do before moving out is to have a move out inspection. Be sure to contact your property manager and schedule an appointment. This will give you the chance to ask if any repairs are needed on the apartment unit. So no surprise charges once you receive the statement of your security deposit. Also, you have the opportunity to ask the property manager for some advice on how to clean the whole unit. Just remember to schedule at most two weeks before your departure date for you to still have time for any repairs and cleaning.

4. Having some repairs

In every apartment, it’s usual to have normal wear and tear on the surfaces and appliances and it’s acceptable. But any other damages beyond that will be your responsibility. This includes having some repairs as well as the charges for it. You should check your lease document about the required condition of the apartment before leaving it. This includes painting walls back to their original colours, patching nail holes in the walls and other damages the unit has undergone since you moved in.

5. Doing a deep clean

You do not need to worry about a deep cleaning of your whole unit if your apartment already charges a fixed cleaning fee on your lease so you can just leave it as it is. But, if it’s not, then you need to do a deep cleaning of your whole place the way you want your new apartment to be once you’ve arrived. Usually, they require that everything that is not part of the original state when you arrived will be removed. Even if you are tempted to leave some items in the unit such as rugs, expensive couches or even cleaning supplies that may be beneficial to the new resident, keep away from doing it. You need to follow the instructions as stated in your contract.

Doing a thorough cleaning will be challenging and you need to follow the proper order of cleaning. Work from the top (ceiling fans, walls, windows) to the bottom (carpets, baseboards, floors). This will allow dirt and dust from the top to just fall to the ground while you are cleaning. So, you don’t need to sweep or vacuum several times that will surely take a lot of your time.

6. Making a documentation

Documentation is required for both moving in and moving out. Once your Singapore movers already loaded the last box of your items in the moving truck, don’t forget to take photos or even a video of how you will be leaving your old place. These photos and videos will serve as evidence that will save you from being charged for damages created after you move out which will also avoid conflicts with the property manager.

Additionally, this will also serve as proof that you did the best you could to thoroughly clean the whole unit, leaving the place in a good, clear, and clean condition. Keep the photos and videos until you successfully receive your security deposit. As mentioned above, you should also do this when you arrive at your new apartment. Make sure to inspect the whole area and report immediately the damages to the property manager even if the damages don’t concern you to avoid paying charges for the damages you haven’t made.

7. Hiring movers Singapore

Asking for help if needed is a good thing to do. You may ask some of your family, friends, or even close neighbours to help you. This will make your relationship with them closer before you leave the place, and it might be less expensive. But one downside is the moving mistakes that may occur especially without proper knowledge of the moving processes or worse injuries which will definitely cost you more money than you want to avoid in the first place.

If you are thinking of a way to have a smooth apartment move, hiring a trusted and professional moving company is the answer. Your apartment move will be taken care of since they are experienced and knowledgeable enough to handle any kind of move from the home move, apartment move, piano move or even just a furniture move. If you are in Singapore and still looking for Singapore movers, Wise Move is here to help. With just one enquiry, you will receive multiple quotes giving you time to choose and pick the best for a smooth and convenient apartment move.

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