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The Best Way to Handle a Small Move

The Best Way to Handle a Small Move

As you already know, not every move is a big move. There are small moves that don't take much time like those moving into college dormitories or someone just planning to move down the street. And if you're only moving a small load of things you may not need the help of full-service home movers Singapore or moving companies to help you transport your belongings. 

However, there are a few important things you must remember to make sure you move swiftly without hassle. For expert tips on how to successfully handle a small move, check out a few tips below. 

What are a few examples of a small move? 

1. College dorm room move 

Leaving home for college for the first time can be overwhelming. In fact, a college dorm room relocation is one best example of a small move. 

This is a type of move where you don't necessarily need to pack a lot of things because most college dormitories are already furnished with a bed, desk or even kitchen appliances. 

Bringing small cardboard boxes with your belongings such as toiletries, bedding, clothes and school supplies can be enough.

2. Studio or one-bedroom apartment move

Moving into a smaller space like a small studio or one-bedroom apartment is considered a small move. This is also true when you're not moving too many items with you or if you plan to purchase new furniture and have it delivered after you move in. This can be accomplished by renting a small truck or a cargo van. 

3. Local move within the same area

Regardless of the number of belongings you are moving, when moving nearby or within the same street; your move is considered a small move because you are not going far. 

Note, small local moves end up taking longer to complete because homeowners take their time with each of the items thereby extending the length of the move. The right way to complete a small move is to knock it all at once.

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How to handle a small move efficiently

1. Hire a moving company that specializes in small moves

Not everyone can pull off a move - no matter how small it is. You will need knowledge and experience in moving or someone who will help and guide you throughout the moving process. The best way to make the moving process easier is by hiring Singapore movers.

Find the best movers Singapore by using the Wise Move platform so you will have a successful relocation. You can also find movers that specialize in small moves still through Wise Move. 

2. Consider a moving container rather than a truck

One of the best ways to handle a small move is by renting a moving container instead of hiring a lorry with a driver. If you're moving into a smaller dorm or apartment and you're not moving many things with you then the size of a moving container is just what you need to carry all your stuff. Other than that, these containers can double as storage units where you can keep them for a few months before you manage to sort out your new home. 

3. DIY moves using your own car

Make your college dorm room move more exciting by getting help from your friends. Usually, college students don't have much stuff to carry so using your own car to handle your college dorm relocation is ideal. Simply load the cardboard boxes or bags into your car and be on your way. Using your car means you have absolute control over the moving process and you can move on your own schedule. Also using your own car to transport all your belongings is the cheapest way to handle a small move. 

There are plenty of Singapore movers that can do the task and help you with your move. Find the best moving company to move your belongings or valuable items by using Wise Move. 

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