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Moving Your Pets To a New Place Stress-Free

Moving Your Pets To a New Place Stress-Free

Relocating to a new home can be a stressful process for everyone, including your pets. Most animals tend to become stressed in response to change, they may be more attached to their home and it’s causing them stress and fear when the time comes to relocate. So, here are a few tips from movers Singapore on how to make moving as happy and stress-free as possible. 

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Before your move


Moving can be complicated but having a plan is the best way to make sure that everything goes well on your move. Prepare a travel kit or an overnight bag for your pet, this will have food, treats, litter and any other essentials your pet might need during the move and during the first few days of unpacking. If at all possible, leave your pet with a well-known friend or family member to get them out of the craziness of moving and to keep them safe and watch them for the day. 

Get Medical Records and Talk to your vet

Make sure that your pets are fit to travel. Start by notifying your vet. Bring a copy of your pet’s past medical health records including vaccination and the medication prescriptions. For an interstate move, bring a copy of your pet’s medical health certificate. You can also discuss getting Fido micro-chipped and make sure your pet’s microchips information is attached to a phone number that will move with you. 

You also need to find a new vet in your neighbourhood before your moving day. You can ask your current vet for recommendations so that you can set up an appointment as soon as you move. 

Keep things normal 

Since your pet is not used to seeing big moving boxes in your house, trying to pack in advance will help keep their stress level down because your pet thinks everything is normal. Also, remember to keep your pet’s food and water and any other important supplies with you. To help your pet feel at home in your new place take your pet’s favourite bed and set it up in your new home before your moving day

On Your Moving Day

Reduce food intake

Lessen your pet’s food intake on the night before your moving day. This will help reduce motion sickness and your pet will be more comfortable even if it is a long car trip without the pressure of a full stomach of food. You can also keep your pet in a quiet area to help them feel relaxed and safe. 

After Move

Check your new home 

Once you have made it to your new home check the entire place before allowing your pet into your new house. Check for exposed wires or pest control traps and anything else that might be hazardous to your pet. Make sure that there is no way for them to go out by inspecting how far down the fence goes in your yard. 

The safest way to move your pets to a new home is by considering your pet’s needs and feelings. By planning ahead of time, you can prepare your pet and turn what could otherwise be traumatic into a fun moving adventure. When you are planning your next move and you are looking for trusted movers in Singapore that will help you move into your new place, Wise Move is a one-stop marketplace for your moving needs. Easily get a quote from reliable moving companies in Singapore in just one enquiry. Check out Wise Move today!

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