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How to Pack Small Kitchen Appliances for Moving

How to Pack Small Kitchen Appliances for Moving

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As we all know, the kitchen is normally the trickiest and most time-consuming room to prep for your upcoming move. With so many fragile and awkwardly shaped household appliances like electric grills, coffee makers, wok pans, and bulky items like slow cookers or a fridge, it's really difficult to know where to start. 

While packing these small household appliances requires special handling, they're not really that complicated to pack. What you need is a general idea about how to pack small appliances and the right packing materials. Then you can simplify the entire kitchen packing process and handle the task like a professional Singapore mover

Here’s how to get started.

Get packing supplies together

  • Boxes

  • Twist ties

  • Packing paper or bubble wrap

  • Packing tape

  • Marker

When packing smaller appliances, you’ll need a range of box sizes and enough packing supplies for you to pack every single detail.  If at all possible, try finding the original boxes for your air fryer, microwave or blender, etc. however if you no longer have it, a standard moving box will work just fine too.

Clean the appliances thoroughly

Cleaning is imperative. So before you start packing your small kitchen appliances, make sure they're clean and thoroughly dry. Not only is cleaning your smaller appliances a good habit to get into but it also ensures you don't transport any dust or leavings from your last culinary project.

You can use baking soda as it is a useful multipurpose cleaner, damp cloth or wet kitchen wipes to clean them. Just make sure your appliances are completely dry before wrapping them.

Disassemble your appliances

Whenever possible, disassemble each appliance instead of packing them in one piece which includes items such as the glass tray inside your microwave oven and your blender blades. Remember to pack the removed component individually and arrange it next to the small appliance they belong to. Label every removed component so you don't forget what goes where.

Box them up

Use the appliance's original box, if you have it. However, you can also pack the appliance inside the box that is close to the actual size of the item. The small pockets of space inside the box should be filled with dish towels or crumpled packing paper so you can be sure that they will stay intact while in transit. 

Seal and label

As you proceed, seal and label every box so you can easily unpack it all in the new place. Mark these boxes “fragile” with an arrow to indicate which side of the box should face up so you’re chosen Singapore movers can take extra caution while loading and unloading them.

As they say, the kitchen is the heart of a home. So when moving, even your small kitchen items should be well-packed and protected so they will arrive at your new home in good condition.

The most convenient way to ensure the safety of your belongings during the move is by letting professional movers in Singapore do the job for you. Easily get quotes from reliable moving companies anywhere in Singapore with just one enquiry.  After creating your request online, Wise Move sends it over to its network of top-rated and verified Singapore movers on your behalf. This saves you time spent on research, phoning, and leaving messages without getting a reply.

Movers and packers Singapore at low-cost

(Faster. Stronger. Better.) Expert moving service in Singapore at a low-cost. All Covered. No Hassle.
9.6 · 177 reviews
What are you moving?

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