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How To Pack Electronics For Moving

How To Pack Electronics For Moving

Living in a golden age of technology as we do electronic devices have become an integral part of almost every household - laptops, TV sets, stereo sets and video games equipment. And if you are planning to move house, you are probably wondering how to pack electronics for moving. Fortunately, packing electronics is not too difficult, you just need to take special care when handling them as they can break if not packaged correctly. So in this moving blog, we will offer you simple tips on properly packing and transporting electronics successfully. 

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Read the product manual

If you are not sure about how to pack your electronics check your manufacturers’ product advice for particular handling instructions. Most manuals list proper packing tips so you can protect your electronics by following the proper storage and packing techniques. If you threw out your manuals, try not to stress out. You can check the manufacturer's website or watch a video tutorial on youtube to help you set things up. 

Get the right packing material

If you have saved the original boxes provided by the manufacturer for your electronic devices, then you have nothing to worry about. Original packaging contains pre-shaped protective foam pieces that are meant to ensure safety and protect your electronic items best during a move. If you no longer have the original packaging then you will need to find medium-sized boxes that are sturdy enough to protect your gadgets or electronic devices best during a move. If needed, you can also purchase new sturdy boxes from your chosen Singapore movers.

Corral your cables

Take the time to tie cables and wires with twist ties and make sure to place them safely in a sealable bag to hold them together in one place. Cover them smoothly and use various tags to label the device that each cord goes with so you can keep your cables organized when you set up your device again. 

Pro tip: Before you start to pack up and move, take some photos of your cables and how they’re connected to your appliances so that you know how to put them back together afterwards.

Remove the batteries for safety

Removing batteries from the remote control and laptops is an essential step that could prevent a great deal of damage. Batteries may overheat and leak, causing damage to your device. Wrap up your batteries and place them in a sealable bag. Don’t forget to research ways to transport them safely yourself. 

Make sure to check the temperature in the storage

The greatest advantage of using climate-controlled storage space is to protect your belongings and appliances from extreme temperature change. Remember that electronics are prone to breakage and are very sensitive to extreme temperatures. If you are going to store them temporarily in a storage unit, make sure you choose a climate-controlled storage unit.

When transporting sensitive appliances leave everything to professionals. Hiring a professional moving company through Wise Move helps you have a seamless relocation to your new home. 

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