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How to Keep Kids Busy on Moving Day

How to Keep Kids Busy on Moving Day

Moving is an exciting yet challenging task you may experience at least once in your life. It doesn't really get any better when you add toddlers and kids to the equation - moving gets trickier by a factor of about 10. Not only will you have to do your best to accomplish everything without changing your daily routine but you also need to keep your kids entertained and safe when Singapore movers arrive. Fortunately, with a little imagination and planning, you can keep your kids occupied while you pack and prevent them from getting seriously injured throughout the moving process.  

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Get your kids involved

If hiring a babysitter or sending the kids next door isn't an option, you can assign tasks to them such as:

  • Let them pack their own “first-night” box - pyjamas, favourite snack, favourite stuffed animal, pillows and blanket

  • Let them decorate the boxes.

  • Helping pack belongings around the house - linens, extra towels, pillows.  

  • Clean their own room. 

  • Sort their clothes and shoes. 

Doing so will not only save you a job but will also give them confidence and a sense of control over the changes that they are currently facing. 

Take your kids for a walk

If both parents or caregivers are moderating the move, invite a friend or a family member who can step away for a bit and take your kids for a walk. Taking them for a walk can be beneficial to get them out of the craziness of moving. 

Ask relatives/friends to look after your kids

Asking nearby relatives or friends will make moving easier and will enable you to focus on other things without worrying about your kid’s safety. If the weather permits, they can play outdoor games together or go for a walk. This will also give the kids an opportunity to properly say farewell to their friends and play with them one last time. 

Let them play outside 

If you have some safe outdoor space, outdoor activities are perfect for keeping your kids out of Singapore movers’ way. Give them a ball or they can play games such as hide-and-seek, game of tags or let them play with your pet dog. You can let them play as many games just make sure to check the backyard's safety and have some rules if you leave them playing. 

Set up an activity room

Create a moving day safe room for the kids to nap, play with their favourite toys (dolls, car miniatures) or even watch cartoons or movies. If your kids are old enough, playing computer games or reading books will keep them entertained for hours on end. Just make sure to notify your chosen movers Singapore that the room is off-limits since the kids are doing activities or playing inside to be entertained. You can also place a sign on the door too. 

With moving day's trickery and confusion, we hope you find these ideas useful and will set you on a path to having an exciting and smooth relocation process with your children. To make moving easier hire professional movers in Singapore through Wise Move.

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