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How to Declutter for your Move

How to Declutter for your Move

Packing a cluttered house before a move is no fun. If you are doing a DIY move, you’ll have to pack, carry and transport all those extra things, and if you’re planning on hiring Singapore movers, you will have to pay more just to move junk you won’t need in your new place. 

Although moving can be an overwhelming experience, it presents a perfect opportunity to clean out the house and get rid of some unneeded stuff you’ve been keeping for years. Read below to get started with decluttering your home for your upcoming move.

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Give yourself time

As soon as you learn you are moving, it's time to decide what to pack and what you're leaving behind. Carve out a few hours a day to clean out and walk through each and every room in your house. This includes your closet, storage room and attic. Write down everything you see so you won't be tempted to just pack your stuff in the box and be done with it. 

Clear out unused items

Before you start sorting and decluttering, toss out all the items you already know you don't need such as old baby items, old remotes, damaged electronic appliances or your college textbooks you haven't read since graduation. Your items that are still in good condition can be donated or sold to offset your moving expenses. 

Use extras

If you stockpile toiletries such as tissue paper, toothpaste or shampoo, start using them up so you'll have lesser items to bring with you. In case you happen to run out of these items, purchase a smaller size to get you through the move.

Use the three-box decluttering trick

When decluttering every room in the house, start in your priority areas by evaluating each item. Bring three boxes - one box for things you'll keep, one for stuff you will sell or donate and one for the things you'll throw away. As you go through each room sorting out each item, drop them into one of the three boxes.

Donate or sell

Decluttering before the move not only saves you money, it can help you earn a little extra money too. There are some second-hand stores that allow you to make a little extra money for every item you're getting rid of. You can also host a garage sale a few weeks before your move and sell those things that are still in good working condition but you're not moving with you. Additionally, you can sell these items online through Facebook marketplace or eBay so more people will see the stuff you are selling. 

Hire a junk removal service 

Getting help from professional junk removal companies is the most convenient option since you get to have trained professionals to do all the heavy lifting and dumping for you. Although this service is somewhat expensive, it is actually cheaper than doing the procedure on your own. 

Doing a DIY junk removal, you stand the risk of getting injured. So, instead of putting your health and safety at risk, hire a pro instead. 

If you want to get an accurate estimate of your move, take inventory of what's truly important for you and declutter first so you don't end up paying for the transport of stuff you won’t be using in your new home. Still looking for the best Singapore movers? Start your search by gathering multiple quotes from different movers Singapore. Wise Move is the best place to do that. Your search for a moving company in Singapore to cater to your moving needs becomes effortless by simply submitting one job listing.

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