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6 Things You Should Never Put In a Storage Unit

6 Things You Should Never Put In a Storage Unit

A storage unit can be a lifesaver. When you downsize to a smaller place or remodel your current home and need extra space to temporarily store your belongings or simply free up some space in your home, renting a storage unit is the best option. 

But, as much as you want to store as many items as you can in your storage unit, you must know that like any other rental space there are things you cannot store to avoid issues with the storage facility and for the safety of your belongings. Some items may not be even accepted by movers Singapore to be transported in the first place. To help you out we've compiled a list of items you should never put in a storage unit. 

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1. Hazardous materials

Storage facilities won't allow hazardous materials or anything that can cause serious damage or harm if opened or spilt such as biological waste, propane gill, fuel, fertilizers, paint, pesticides and cleaning supplies. If unsure, you can inquire with the storage facility and ask for a list of items they prohibit. You could get evicted if found out. Even worse, all of your stuff could go up in flames as a result of storing such items. Singapore movers won’t even transfer hazardous materials, so it’s best to dispose of them properly.

2. Food Items

A storage unit is no place for food. Food and any perishable items left for a prolonged period of time will attract pests and insects that can destroy not only your storage unit but also your neighbouring unit as well. To avoid this, make sure to consume your food items or donate them before you move out. 

3. Animals

This one is crazy yet there are those who have done it. Leaving a pet or any animals inside a storage unit is an act of cruelty and abuse, so never ever leave them inside a storage facility. Pets are always better in a loving and safe environment. You can leave your furball with a friend or any other trustworthy person or you can also hire a pet sitter. 

4. Plants

A storage unit is not designed for plants. As you know well, plants need sunshine, water and fresh air to grow, so storing them in a storage facility will not be ideal. Also, plants can attract pests and insects which might create more problems like damaging the rest of your items inside the storage unit. If you can’t take your plants with you, leave them with friends or ask a family member to plant-sit for you while you finish your move. 

5. Wet items 

Anything that is wet or damp can immediately produce moulds in your unit. So before you put your items inside your storage unit make sure that they are 100% dry. You don’t want to discover any damaged items upon retrieving your belongings from your storage or even waste hours cleaning your stuff from all the moulds it accumulated. 

6. Valuable items

Storage facilities take precautions to keep their units secure, however, it is not an ideal place to store your valuables like money, jewellery, family heirlooms and your personal documents such as birth certificates and passports. Be sure to keep your valuables safe with you when you move. 

When renting a storage unit you need to be considerate not only for your things but also for other people who use the storage. Now that you already know what can and cannot be stored inside the storage unit, it’s time to start looking for a moving company to help you move your belongings. Ensure a stress-free move to your new home and find the best and trusted Singapore movers by using Wise Move.

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