What to do Before Singapore Movers Arrive

By · April 6 2021
What to do Before Singapore Movers Arrive

A lot of people can confirm how tough a home move can be. And it can be much tougher if it is your first time and you don't have enough knowledge about the moving process. You will face challenges from preparing your belongings, loading and unloading them from the moving truck, which surely requires a lot of time. Good thing you have the option to hire trusted Singapore movers for your move.

Getting help from a moving company would lessen your stress and make your move more convenient. But of course, there are still preparations you need to do before the moving company arrives. Make sure you follow these to avoid any last-minute issues. 

1. Pack your items early

Packing the items by yourself will indeed save you a great amount of money. If you decide to do so, make sure to obtain proper packing materials to ensure all your belongings are safe.  But keep in mind that you need to do it at least 2 weeks in advance to avoid packing in a rush. You need to make sure you pack your items properly and carefully to ensure their safety during the transport. 

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Labelling your boxes with their corresponding room in your new house is also advisable for your movers to easily locate the room where the boxes should be placed making the unloading process easier.  

2. Secure your valuable items (jewellery, small electronics, etc.)

It is recommended to secure items such as jewellery, small electronics, cash, important documents and other valuable items before the moving day. Remember to pack these items separately and have a separate labelled box to avoid mixing up with other boxes. As suggested by movers Singapore, you should move these items yourself. 

If you choose not to move them yourself, just make sure you have insurance for your valuable items.  But take note that it will take time for you to process the claim and will need a lot of time getting important documents again which you can avoid if you secure and move them yourself.

3. Make an inventory list of the things you are moving

In every house move, keeping track of all the items you will be moving is necessary so make a detailed inventory list. You can start making your list once you start packing each item. This way, it will be convenient for you to recall the things you have moved and can easily discover if an item got lost during the transportation.

Another thing that you can do is to take some pictures of the current condition of your appliances and furniture. This is useful because it will be easier for you to identify if there are some damages on your items upon delivery and these photos will serve as your proof that the damage occurred during the moving process.

4. Locate where movers can park their truck

Planning where your furniture movers can park their truck should be done in advance to avoid any difficulties during the moving day. Make sure to clear out your garage or driveways of any vehicles or if you share a driveway with your neighbours, inform them about your moving schedule and ask for their permission. If you live in an apartment, notify your property manager and ask about the requirements you need to have to secure a spot for your mover’s truck to park.

5. Clear the pathways inside your home

Before your mover, Singapore arrives, clear the pathways inside your homes such as floors, hallways, and stairs. Ensure that they are free from any obstructions such as rolled-up rugs, baby gates and any other mess on the floor to avoid movers tripping while moving your belongings while shifting your appliances, furniture and boxes. This way, you can prevent your items from getting damaged and most especially prevent any injuries to your movers.

6. Keep small children and pets out of the way

If you have any kids or pets in your home, make sure to enlist someone to keep an eye on them on a moving day. You can hire a babysitter/pet sitter or assign a family member or ask a trusted friend to watch kids or pets while you are busy facilitating your home move. As you know, the condition of your home during the big day is not suitable for small children or pets to be running around. This will distract you and your movers which may cause delays or worse, accidents.

7. Protect your home for the move

The floor is the part of your home that is most prone to damage during a move. To avoid any damages, make sure to protect it before home movers arrive. If you have hardwood, vinyl, or tiled floors, you can cover them with blankets, ram boards, heavy-duty doormats, rugs, and even towels. But make sure to use the old ones you aren’t going to use anymore. If you're in a home with carpeted floors, you can use carpet masking film. This will help you protect your carpets against spills, dirt or even paint and these can be easily removed.

8. Prepare some drinks and food for you and your movers

Last but not the least, make sure to prepare some drinks and foods not only for yourself and your family but for your home movers as well. As you know, lifting boxes and moving furniture and appliances is an exhausting task. Having food and drinks ready will help you and your movers fuel up. At the same time, it shows your appreciation to them. You can prepare some snacks such as sandwiches, sliders, pretzels, chips, and bottled waters.

These 8 simple steps that we gathered are easy to follow and will ensure that your move will be more convenient and faster. Your cooperation is also needed to arrange everything according to your plan and avoid any delays, misunderstandings and accidents during your moving day.  

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