Moving Heavy Furniture Without Damaging Your Floors

By · January 3 2021
Moving Heavy Furniture Without Damaging Your Floors

Looking for a way on how to move heavy and large furniture? Worrying about damaging the floor while doing the task? There are a lot of things you should consider when moving furniture. Suddenly dropping of heavy and large furniture may cause an entire tile to break and may leave large dents to the floor. Moreover, hardwood floors may get scratch marks from dragging, and for carpets, it may rip and tear in the process. These are some concerns you want to avoid so following these simple, yet effective ways of moving heavy furniture without damaging floors will be a great help to you.

1. Disassemble the Furniture

Moving furniture as-is is one of the things you should avoid if moving heavy and large furniture. Disassembling furniture if possible is a good start to lighten and reduce the moving load. This way, the furniture will be more convenient to shift and this will reduce the strain on your body when moving. You can avoid possible injuries and damages to your furniture like sliding the drawers off your dresser on the floor or shattering its mirrors. 

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2. Clean and Clear the Floor

Once you finish disassembling the furniture, keep in mind that everything should be off the floor. If you do not clear your path, there is a big chance of accidents like tripping or bumping into things that may cause you to suddenly drop off the furniture you are carrying. Sweeping and mopping are also required to remove all the unnecessary gravel and grit which may cause scratches on the floor. Even if you have plans to hire professional Singapore movers to help you out, cleaning is still essential.

 3.  Have a Moving Dolly

You don’t want to carry all the heavy furniture by yourself, right? Thus, getting a moving dolly can make your move more convenient. You can just place the furniture on the dolly and roll it out of your home instead of picking it up and carrying it yourself. You can also avoid dragging it across hardwood or carpet. This tool comes in various sizes so remember to choose an appropriate dolly for your move. But make sure to use a dolly with rubber wheels that are clean to keep your floors in from any scratches.

Buying a dolly from local convenience stores or hardware shops is a good choice if you are moving from time to time. But if you will be using it once and you do not have a place to store the tool, then renting will be a good alternative. You can rent dollies from moving companies for a reasonable price which can save you money.

4. Have a Moving Blanket

If you have too big and unwieldy furniture which is impossible to be placed in a dolly, you have an option to use a moving blanket. All you need to do is lift the furniture, just enough to slide the blanket underneath and use the blanket to simply slide the furniture out of your home. Moving blankets provide ultimate protection since they are padded, thus protecting the floors during the move.

Moving blankets are also used to protect large and heavy furniture by avoiding them from shifting especially if you have a long trip. Movers tape and strap the moving blankets to keep them in the proper place the entire journey.

5. Proper way of Lifting

This is the real challenge in moving heavy and large furniture particularly if you don’t have any experience. You need to remember to move slowly and carefully to avoid hurting the floors, the furniture and of course, yourself. Damage to your property is bad but the personal injury is worse, so you need to do the task as precisely as possible. 

For moving heavy and large furniture, you need to remember to lift the weight with your legs and not with your back muscles. Maintain your back in a straight position and bend your knees. Then use the power of your lower limbs to lift the furniture on any other heavy items. This is to avoid injuries in your back muscles. Keep your eyes in front of you and your furniture close to your body.

6. Hire Trusted Movers

If you are planning to have a DIY move, and you have the experience, then you can just do it confidently. But if it is your first time, you need to think about it. As mentioned above, aside from damaging your floors, there are a lot of other possible risks you may encounter, like damaging valuable furniture, and much worse, getting injuries.

Hiring a trusted and professional mover is a wise thing to do. They are experienced in moving various sizes of furniture and they have the proper equipment to do the job safely. 

Are you looking for trusted movers in Singapore? Wise Move is a great platform to use. They will reach out to all professional moving companies in your area, offering you a wide range of moving services such as furniture removals, item transportation, home move, and many others, wherever you are in Singapore. With their vast experience with any type of move, no matter how heavy or large your furniture is,  you are assured of damage-free floors during the move.

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